VIDEO: Remembering When Steve Smith Dominated Aqib Talib and Told Him to 'Ice Up'

Remembering when Steve Smith told Aqib Talib to "ice up" (NFL/YouTube).
Remembering when Steve Smith told Aqib Talib to "ice up" (NFL/YouTube). /

It's one thing to be known as a great player, but it's another to be labeled as a great trash talker. To talk trash well is almost an art form, but you have to back it up with your performance on the field. One of the greatest trash talkers in NFL history was long-time Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith.

One of his more notable trash-talking moments was towards the end of his playing career when he told New England Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib to "ice up."

We know Talib is not a player to back down from confrontation, so when two fiery individuals who are great at what they do go head-to-head, it creates fireworks. The two went at it all game long, creating must-watch television.

The Panthers were able to pull off the 24-20 win, which led to Albert Breer interviewing Smith after the game. When questioned about what happened between Talib and himself, Smith said to ask the cornerback, since he did not finish the game. Of course, he followed this up with the iconic line "ice up, son!"

While Smith didn't light the world on fire during the game, he turned in a solid performance. He finished with four receptions for 62 yards.

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