VIDEO: Remembering When Gus Frerotte Injured Himself Headbutting a Wall to Celebrate a Touchdown

Gus Frerotte injured himself headbutting a wall in celebration.
Gus Frerotte injured himself headbutting a wall in celebration. /

Gus Frerotte was a seventh-round draft pick in the 1994 NFL Draft that managed to have a 15-year NFL career. However, the quarterback is more known for being the player that hurt himself while headbutting a wall.

Following a touchdown, Frerotte got a bit too excited and decided to headbutt the wall in celebration. The wall won, giving the quarterback a sprained neck in one of the most embarrassing ways imaginable.

Frerotte's injury was embarrassing, but it's not the only time a self-inflicted injury has happened in the NFL. Linebacker Stephen Tulloch injured his ACL while celebrating a sack on Aaron Rodgers. Lamarr Houston actually tore his ACL doing the same thing, following a sack on Jimmy Garoppolo.

Yes, the injury was embarrassing, but at least he's not the only player to have gotten hurt while celebrating.

And Frerotte ultimately went on to have a pretty solid career, throwing 114 touchdown passes to 106 interceptions. He also made a Pro Bowl in the 1996 season, finished his career with a passer rating of 74.2, and retired with 21,291 career passing yards to his name.

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