VIDEO: Remembering When Comedian Jim Gaffigan Tried Out for the Indianapolis Colts

Zach Brunner
Remembering when comedian Jim Gaffigan tried out for the Indianapolis Colts.
Remembering when comedian Jim Gaffigan tried out for the Indianapolis Colts. / Елена Сумская/YouTube

Comedian Jim Gaffigan has done many things over the years to make us laugh. With him recently being in headlines, it's as good of a time as any to remember back when the comedian crossed over into sports, when he tried out for the Indianapolis Colts. Of course, he did it in hilarious fashion.

On brand, nearly every scene featured Gaffigan eating something. Though, they did not incorporate Hot Pockets, which typically find their way into any conversation including the comedian, due to his famous bit with the food's jingle, or lack thereof.

Gaffigan's "tryout" features many recognizable faces. There's Robert Mathis, Coby Fleener, Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne, among many others. Of course, in the perfect crossover between Colts football and comedy, then-punter Pat McAfee was also featured consoling Gaffigan, after the cut.

While it may not seem like it from the video, Gaffigan does indeed have a football history, with roots tied to Indiana.

That's right! Above is a picture of Gaffigan back when he played football for Purdue. Before that, he played for Georgetown, where he was teammates with the now-defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jim Schwartz.

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