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VIDEO: Remembering When Brian Cushing Headbutted a Browns Player Without His Helmet

Zach Brunner
Remembering when Brian Cushing headbutt a Browns player without a helmet.
Remembering when Brian Cushing headbutt a Browns player without a helmet. /

In the NFL, linebackers are often these intimidating, hyper-aggressive players, especially back in the day with players like Ray Lewis, Bill Romanowski, Patrick Willis and many others. Included in this conversation is former Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing, who would sometimes body slam opponents.

Another example of this when he headbutted a Cleveland Browns player, despite not wearing a helmet.

It looks like Cushing came in at the end of the play to put a bit of a cheap shot on the Browns offensive lineman, hoping to get in his head and draw a retaliation flag. Of course, exchanging some words turned the heat up to another level.

Cushing turned around and started walking away, knowing the Browns player was coming after him. The lineman would hit Cushing a couple of times, even pushing him in the back, but no flag was thrown, despite him holding his arms out and saying "look at this ref!"

It was at this point that Cushing felt it would be a good idea to remove his helmet and get in the face of the Browns lineman. He came in hot and hit the lineman with a headbutt, exchanging more words, perfectly resembling the stereotypical "meathead athlete."

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