VIDEO: Remembering When Ahman Green Recorded the Longest Run in Packers History

Zach Brunner
Remembering when Ahman Green pulled off the longest run in Packers history.
Remembering when Ahman Green pulled off the longest run in Packers history. / YouTube: davegbp

The Green Bay Packers are arguably the most historic franchise in NFL history. They have won 11 championships, four Super Bowls, had the most famous head coach in NFL history and have put 25 people into the NFL Hall of Fame. So, when there is a player's name atop the franchise record book in Green Bay, it's a big deal.

That is precisely the case with running back Ahman Green, who holds the record for the longest run in Packers history.

Backed up on their own goal line in the fourth quarter, the Packers took the field to start the drive on their own two yard line. Green Bay took the field in I-Formation, with Green lined up about seven yards into the end zone. Overloaded to one side of the defense, the Denver Broncos quickly found themselves out of position, with a running lane so big you could drive a truck through it.

Green quickly burst through the hole with a lot of real estate ahead of him. With only the safety on the opposite side of the field to beat, it was a foot race to the end zone, which Green would easily win, capped off with a Lambeau Leap.

The play resulted in a 98-yard touchdown run, the city of Green Bay exploding and a record that remains strong. It was the perfect way to cap off the final game in the regular season. Green finished the day with 218 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns.

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