VIDEO: Remembering When a Referee Showed Off Insane Speed Out-Running Matt Breida During a 49ers Game

Zach Brunner
Remembering when a ref showed off insane speed, out-running Matt Breida.
Remembering when a ref showed off insane speed, out-running Matt Breida. / Twitter/@thecheckdown

The athleticism that is on full display on NFL Sundays is an incredible thing to watch. We are talking about the best of the best athletes in the world suiting up for our enjoyment, just for us to complain about our fantasy teams losing because of something they did. Of course, right now were are talking about the NFL refs, not just the players.

Last season, a ref during the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers game had one of the most impressive runs of the year. He showed off his blinding speed in this one.

The ref kept up with running back Matt Breida on this long run. showing that he has both the burst and the endurance to sustain this speed. While this would be impressive to keep up with any NFL running back, Breida is not just any run-of-the-mill ball carrier.

Last season. Breida recorded a top speed of 22.3 miles per hour (mph), which was the fantasy of any player in the league. In fact, it was on this run right here! Again, this ref kept up with him.

This was no fluke for Breida either, who recorded a run of 22.09 mph in 2018, which, again, was the fastest in the league. The ball carrier was traded to the Miami Dolphins this offseason, as he looks to keep the speed going on his new team.

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