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Slot Winning Strategies

Olufifun Adeleke

"What strategy could there be for playing slots?", you ask. Well, not the typical kind. You won't be hearing anything about the Martingale or the conservative strategy. Those are meant for games with an element of skill, and slots are predominantly luck-based. However, while merely spinning the reels as you do, the experts who have mastered the slot winning strategies tend to be more successful players. These strategies are not game-related. Instead, they are approaches to how you chose and bet on the slots.

How To Beat Slot Machines

To beat a slot machine and make the most out of your gaming session, you need to keep two essential aspects in mind:

  • Tips for choosing slots
  • Tips for betting on slots

Tips For Choosing Slots

Choose Slots With High Payouts

The cat's out of the bag - expert slot players always go for slots with the highest return to player (RTP) percentages.

Slot games are different. Besides the graphics and themes, there are technical aspects that distinguish one from the other, and the most important factor is the RTP.

Return To Player is a percentage value of how much a slot pays out over time. A 96% RTP means that if 100,000 players wager $1 per spin on a slot, it will return $96,000 in payouts - an average of $96 for every $100.

The payout percentage doesn't tell how much you will win on a spin or two, but it is a good indicator of the chances of making better profits in the long run.

Our recommendation is to go for slots with a payout percentage of 96% or higher. Try Blood Suckers by NetEnt at 98% or 1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick at 98.6%.

Many casinos publish the RTP values of their slots. You can find them in the settings or help section of the slot itself, or in a dedicated section on the site. Better still, you could always read up on our detailed slot reviews of the best games for all information regarding the highest RTP slots.

Pay Attention To Volatility

Volatility is often confused with payout percentages, and if you have any misunderstandings about both terms, you're in luck because we will be clearing that up for you.

Volatility is a measure of how often you land a winning combo in a slot. The RTP determines how much you win; like an average of $96 for every $100, as in the earlier example. The volatility determines how players win that amount - in large or small sums. It is also used to determine the risk level of a game because slots that pay frequently will usually reward small amounts (low-risk), while those that pay once in a while can produce hefty returns (high-risk). Ever heard of the term "loose slot?" It was coined a long time ago to represent the low-risk kinds.

The question here is - What level of risk are you willing to take? Would you rather play safe with loose slots or make losses in the hope of hitting a big one later on with tight games. Players who've got a huge bankroll and a bit of patience might want to opt for high volatility, but if you have a limited bankroll, you should go with low volatility slots, that way you don't run out of cash.

As you play, you will naturally discover the volatility of a slot based on how frequently you hit a winning payline. You can also carry out a simple Google search with the keywords. Often, volatility is referred to as variance so you could come across that term instead. Otherwise, simply read any of our slot reviews to find out the variance level of the game you wish to play.

Some good high volatility slots are Raging Rhino by WMS, and Book Of Dead by Play'n Go.

Low variance options include Thunderstruck by Microgaming and Holmes and the Stolen Stones by Yggdrasil.

Be Careful With Popular Slots

When popular games are concerned, you need to tread carefully because it can go both ways - good or bad.

Don't assume that a slot is profitable just because everyone is so hyped about it. Just as these games differ, so do the players. Players will generally call a slot out if it doesn't pay, but sometimes a game may be lucrative for a particular betting level, and if your stakes do not meet the mark, you could be playing in the negative. That is why you should always:

  • Read up on review articles to discover the features of the game.
  • Familiarize yourself with the game through free play mode before placing any wagers.
  • By following these two steps, you make sure that the RTP percentage and volatility will be profitable for you.

    Some popular slots you might want to play are Gonzo's Quest and Starburst from NetEnt. The former has an RTP of 96% and is medium variance, while the latter has an RTP of 96.1% and low variance.

    Stay Away From Branded Titles

    Unlike popular slots where you are influenced by other players' choices, with branded titles, you are influenced by your love for the game's inspiration. TV series and movies are often adapted to slot games, and these branded titles attract a crowd of avid gamers curious to see what their favorite shows and big-screen blockbusters look like on the reels.

    However, branded slots are a lot more capital intensive than your regular ones. Developers pay a considerable amount to acquire the permit to use the name, and they make up for those costs by fixing a high betting range. In other words, the players bear the costs, and there wouldn't be much profit for the casino if these games were easy to beat, so they usually aren't

    In a nutshell, branded slots are not your best bet at getting rich. Nonetheless, there are a few exceptions that have exceeded expectations. Check out the Slotfather I and II adapted from the famous gangster movie of the '80s, "The Godfather".

    Tips For Betting On Slots

    Make Higher Bets

    With all casino games, your betting strategy is crucial to the outcome of the game. If you keep making the absolute minimum bets, chances are you won't get to unlock the bonus rounds. Multipliers, free spins, and respins are the hidden treasures in the most lucrative slots, and they are usually embedded in the bonus game.

    Also, most slots will only trigger the jackpot when there are bets on every payline. You can only win a progressive pot by making the maximum bet. Instead of spending time on penny slots betting $0.01 per spin, you will want to increase your stakes since the higher the bet, the bigger your winnings.

    Naturally, higher denomination slots are risky because you deplete your bankroll much faster. If you prefer playing safe, the trick is to go low variance with higher bets.

    Grab As Many Free Spins As Possible

    Never let go of a good bonus. Since slots are so popular among casino players, free spins bonuses are not scarce on the casino. Best of all, free spins are usually playable on a range of slots, so you will most likely be able to use them on your preferred games.

    The downside here is the wagering requirements, which sometimes make it difficult to cash out your winnings. Beating the slot is also about beating the wagering requirements. To do that, you should only play at sites with low requirements that you can handle.

    Look out for free casino offers that award bonuses with zero strings attached to avoid the rollover conditions completely.

    Online Slots vs. Land-Based Slots

    Online slots to many are better than physical gaming machines because of the availability of casino bonuses and the former's accessibility. At the same time, other players firmly believe that land-based slots are the most trustworthy, and one could easily get the upper hand playing them.

    There was a theory that at the land-based casino, you could win more money by playing slot machines at the end of rows. The idea was that those machines are the most visible to people passing by, and seeing others win would prompt players to try them out. This was applicable at the time when slot machines paid out money by dropping coins into a tray. Nowadays, you would get a printed ticket to cash out at the counter, so it is no longer as inviting.

    The best place to win at slots is really a matter of preference because slot winning strategies in both casino types are the same. Whether you play slots online or offline, our winning tips will prove to be equally effective.

    Here's a bonus tip:

    Play On A Licensed Casino Site

    We can't conclude this article without making mention of this point. Consider it the almighty rule for casino enthusiasts like ourselves.

    By playing at a licensed casino, you get a guarantee of reliability, security, and fair play. You do not want to compromise on any of these factors. They make up the cornerstone of a good casino foundation and are indispensable to having the best slot gaming experience. With reliability, you know you can count on the casino and its services to meet the appropriate gaming standards. With security, you rest assured that your personal info and bank details are in safe hands. With fair play, you are confident that you won't get cheated out of your money.

    While you shouldn't always go with the crowd when picking games, it's perfectly fine to look out for casinos that other players already know and love.


    Slots provide a lot of entertainment. They are packed with exciting features, and unlike table and card games, they can be bright, colorful, and full of life or sometimes gloomy if the theme suggests it. Still, they display compelling graphics, soundtracks, and loads of compelling animations. As well as having a reputation for being the most entertaining casino games, slots are also considered to be "unbeatable." Using these methods, you can strike the "unbeatable" out of casino slots and begin dominating the reels.

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