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King Of Atlantis - FanDuel Casino Review

Olufifun Adeleke

Come with me as we gently explore the forgotten treasures of the legendary underwater Atlantis City, and you can see for yourself the glory of Poseidon. King of Atlantis is a Greek mythical theme slot set in a lost undersea realm featuring the legendary god protecting Atlantis' treasures. The game developed by IGT includes some special bonuses, bringing players several winning chances.

King of Atlantis is a video slot designed with 5 reels slots, 5 rows, and 40 fixed pay lines, paying a non-progressive jackpot of around 500 coins. Behind the reels, you’ll find piles of gold that are magnificently scattered on the bed with Poseidon having a white beard plus trident and glittering golden crown.

How To Play King Of Atlantis Slot

Each player needs to pick a coin denomination which gives them access to several options that allow them to tinker with the slots in the way that suits their playing style. If you are playing from your smartphone, it may be better for you to use Wifi as the heavy colorful graphics of the game can quickly chew out your mobile data within a very short period.

While playing this slot, you’ll be able to choose or change the number of wilds displayed on the reels - 20, 40, or 60. If what you want is a big win, then picking the 60 wild option may just be your power charm, giving you a huge payout. This is simply because once you choose this option, you can have access to more combinations. Afterward, the volatility level of the slot is decreased and RTP averages at 96.14% 

Interestingly, players can even enjoy the benefit of a free spin once the bonus symbol lands on reel 1 and a huge wild simultaneously lands on reel 2 or 4. The reward here is an incredible 8 free spins which automatically fast-tracks the player's chances of earning huge payouts. Players can stake a minimum bet of 40 cents and a maximum bet of around $80.

King Of Atlantis Visuals And Sounds

Speaking about visuals, the developers of this game delivered killer high-quality graphics. Even newbies will find the overall gaming experience interesting. The captivating, yet impressive backdrop displaying the ancient city of Atlantis along with other evocative and colorful symbols of icons including harps, dolphins, mermaids, crowns, vases, and crowns makes the King of Atlantis slot more irresistible.

The aesthetic appearance of the gold coins on the sea bed, the 12 Olympian deities as well as the God of the sea – Poseidon himself – makes the entire scene even more dramatic and appealing. The view is cartoon-like, showcasing the beauty and elegance of the ancient undersea domain of the lost city of Atlantis.

The high-quality sound effects that are played now and again fit perfectly with the theme of each round and this alone can transport you to the unknown depths of the sea. The soundtrack playing in the background accompanies you to land wins as you spin the reels. 

Special Features

Each game comes with its uniqueness and King of Atlantis isn’t left out here. The slot offers players an opportunity that allows them to increase their bets so they can be eligible for gigantic wilds on the reels. You can begin playing with the default 20 wilds and afterward, you can increase your stake by 25% coins to enjoy the 40 and 60 wilds on the reels.

What about the free spins we talked about earlier? Once you land the trident bonus symbol on the reel you immediately receive a wholesome 8 free spins. The amazing part of this is that the wilds that initiated this are locked on the reels on all free spins. However, if you have the gigantic wild popped up on reel 2 and 4 and again on reel 3 and 5, you have wilds on 4 reels, resulting in an enormous payout.


With the free spins and unusual opportunities of earning a fortune offered by the King of Atlantis slot, you can be sure to have an unforgettable experience as you dive into the depths of the underwater. You can access the game from both your Android and iOS devices and yet enjoy the smooth gameplay as you would on a laptop or desktop.

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