Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names for 2019 NBA Season

New Orleans Pelicans v Denver Nuggets
New Orleans Pelicans v Denver Nuggets / Justin Tafoya/Getty Images

Everyone loves a good pun, and when it comes to naming your fantasy basketball team name, a good pun can go a long way, especially in a league filled with several colorful personalities.

Some may be new to fantasy basketball this year, but just like in fantasy football and baseball, naming your team is the fun part of the season we can all enjoy before the games start to count. Here are 20 funny fantasy basketball team names to consider for the 2019-20 NBA season.

Fantasy Basketball Team Names

20. Dedmon Walking

Susan Sarandon won an Academy Award for Best Actress from her part in the 1995 film, "Dead Man Walking," while Sacramento Kings' center Dewayne Dedmon was a 2014 D-League (now G-League) All-Star selection. It's hard to argue which recognition is more important.

19. I Like Poeltls

Jakob Poeltl (pronounced Pur-tul) didn't get a ton of burn last year, but he is expected to play more in year two as a member of the San Antonio Spurs. This pun is a take on the classic YouTube video featuring the "I like turtles" comment made by a kid being interviewed by a local television station.

18. Ice Trae

Atlanta Hawks' point guard Trae Young was cold as ice in his rookie year, and he should be a great selection in the early rounds of fantasy drafts for this upcoming season as well.

17. Jingles Bells

Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles is one of the NBA's best trash talkers, but he also comes with a nickname that summons memories of the holiday season.

16. Clam Crowder

There is a good chance Memphis Grizzlies' forward Jae Crowder goes unowned in your fantasy league this year, but that doesn't mean his name should go unnoticed when it comes to seafood soup-inspired puns.

15. The Real Deal Beal

Many young folks don't remember Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield, but the former heavyweight boxing champion was, in fact, the real deal. And so is Washington Wizards' guard Bradley Beal, who one of the top shooting guards in fantasy hoops.

14. Better Call Gasol

Whether you prefer Toronto Raptors' center Marc Gasol or his older brother Pau, this "Breaking Bad" spinoff-inspired pun is a great team name for those who a have a thing for Spanish big men with smooth passing skills.

13. Harden In the Paint

You can often find Houston Rockets' guard James Harden going "Hard in da Paint," like Waka Flocka Flame's 2010 song demands. It also makes Harden a great source for free throws in fantasy, as a result.

12. Ibaka Flocka Flame

Speaking of Waka Flocka, here is another option for those who draft Raptors' forward Serge Ibaka, who has an affinity for making his teammates eat weird stuff.

11. Rock Capela

While we are still on the topic of foreign-born big men like Rockets' center Clint Capela, does anyone remember Rockapella, the a cappella group who sang the theme song for the 1990s game show, "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" No? Ok, moving right along ...

10. Herro Ball

And we've reached the top 10! If you draft Miami Heat rookie shooting guard Tyler Herro, and you have a love for ball-hogging basketball, this is probably the name for you.

9. Grin and Barrett

After missing out on Zion Williamson and Kevin Durant this past summer, New York Knicks' fans may have no choice but to grin and bear it this season. Hopefully rookie RJ Barrett will give them something to smile about.

8. Kawhi's Laugh

While this one certainly doesn't pack the same sort of clever punch as many of the other pun-inspired names on this list, it's simplicity still delivers a great punchline. After 2019 NBA Finals MVP and current Los Angeles Clippers superstar forward Kawhi Leonard let his rare and equally unique laugh slip at a press conference in 2018, this team name reminds us of one of the funniest NBA moments we've seen in years.

7. Girl You Know It's Jrue

In 1989, Milli Vanilli released "Girl You Know It's True" and went on to win the Grammy for Best New Artist, an award the group would eventually back after admitting to lip syncing. This pun name, involving New Orleans Pelicans' guard Jrue Holiday, is yours to own.

6. Home Dipo

Everyone likes spending a nice little Saturday at Home Depot, while also wishing a safe return to the floor for Indiana Pacers' star Victor Oladipo.

5. Rudy Can't Fail

With former Grizzlies' great Mike Conley now in Salt Lake City, it's clear that Rudy Gobert and Utah's expectations don't include failing this upcoming season, which also doubles as a great pun inspired by the 1979 song "Rudie Can't Fail" by The Clash.

4. Ain't No Jokic

There are plenty of "joke" puns for Denver Nuggets' star center Nikola Jokic (whose last name is pronounced "Yo-kitch"), but this one pays homage to the classic 1987 track, "Ain't No Joke," by hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim.

3. Mount Zion

If you take 2019 NBA Draft No. 1 overall pick Zion Williamson for your fantasy team, here is to hoping that he leads you to the summit of your league with a championship win.

2. Green Curry

With Kevin Durant gone and Klay Thompson out for the year, the Golden State Warriors are going to be cooking up a lot of "Green Curry" (aka, Draymond Green and Steph Curry) this upcoming season.

1. Mo Bamba No. 5

In a pun almost too good to be true, Orlando Magic center and 2018 NBA Draft Lottery pick Mo Bamba's jersey number is 5. That is also the number of 90's musician Lou Bega's favorite mambo.

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