FanDuel's Best Roulette Games You Can Play This Summer 2021


The best days of summer are here, and you can make the most of them by taking a seat at an online casino to play exciting games and secure huge winnings to flex even more. Roulette is an all-time favourite in both land-based and online casinos. Since its first play in the 18th century, it has quickly risen in popularity. Thanks to the internet, you’re only a click away from trying online roulette yourself.

As the online casino gaming industry grows, more roulette variants are being developed to add some more excitement to the game as we know it. As a result, it’s quite easy to get confused over which ones to try out. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best online roulette games out there. You can try any of these right now for a thrilling time at the table.

European Roulette 

European Roulette is the most popular variant of roulette online due to its low house edge of 2.70%. Players of this game stand a better chance of winning than they do with other variants. The European Roulette wheel has 37 pockets, each numbered 0 to 36. The zero pocket stands out as marked green, while others are alternatively coloured black and red.

If you don’t know how to play roulette at all, your goal is to predict which pocket the roulette ball will fall into. Other players on the table will also place bets on which number they want, after which the dealer spins both the wheel and the ball. In online European Roulette, you can find a wide range of bet limits that suit various pocket sizes.

Most roulette variants differ based on the type of bets offered. European Roulette offers bets like ‘racetrack’ bets and ‘called bets’, both of which allow you to bet on a particular part of the wheel or a select group of numbers. You can choose to bet again or clear bets after each betting round.

American Roulette

A significant difference between American Roulette and European Roulette is the number of pockets in the former. American Roulette has 38 pockets, one more than what you have in the more popular European variant. This new pocket is the double zero or 00 pocket.

American Roulette has the same basic playing format and rules as European Roulette. However, the house edge is higher because there are both single and double zeros giving you an extra number to bet on. There are also slightly different bet types here, such as the five-number bet. This bet covers the zero, double zero, 1, 2, and 3 pockets.

French Roulette

French Roulette is played on the same kind of wheel as European Roulette, but with slight differences. The bet types in both variants are the same, but they carry a French name in French Roulette. For instance, Orphelins is a type of racetrack here.

The main distinguishing feature for French Roulette is the La Partage rule. It states that you’ll be paid half your stake if a zero is spun when you make an even-money bet. There is also the En Prison rule, which adds a form of modification to this rule, stating that that bet can be imprisoned by being left on the table for the next spin instead. If it becomes a winning bet, you will get your bet back without any winnings, but if the ball stops at zero, the entire bet will be lost.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is a Playtech-powered online roulette variant largely considered the best for first-timers who want to play Roulette online. However, if you have some experience, you can still have a great time at the wheel. From its name, you may have a hint of what to expect. If you’re thinking smaller bets, you’re right. Mini Roulette’s wheel consists of 13 numbered pockets from 0 to 12. The red pockets carry odd numbers, black pockets carry even numbers, while the zero pocket is green, just like what you have in more traditional variants.

The average RTP for Mini Roulette is 96.15%, which isn’t a bad deal. There are different bet types here, such as red, black, column, and groups of six. Also, just like French Roulette, if the roulette ball lands at zero, you’ll get half of your bet back. The reduced number of bets and pockets simplifies the game and makes it a top choice for new roulette players.

First Person Roulette

Evolution Gaming is the brain behind First Person Roulette, an RNG-based variant of European Roulette. The first thing that will catch your attention in this game is the quality of its design. Evolution Gaming is known for highly interactive and immersive game animations with multiple customization options, and that is what you have here exactly. It’s almost like playing a live version of the game.

The betting range is very wide, extending from a minimum of £0.50 to £150,000 per spin. The bet types include Neighbour Bets, Racetrack Bets, Zero Spiel, and so on. What’s more? You can transition to a live roulette game with a click of a button. The rules are pretty much the same as playing European Roulette, so you can get right on having the time of your life.

Marvel Roulette

If you’re a fan of Marvel comics and DC, this is one online roulette variant you need to try out this summer. Playtech, a leading casino game developer, holds the exclusive license to develop Marvel-themed casino games, and we’ve seen amazing slots from this partnership. However, they’ve extended this genius to table games, including roulette.

For the most part, Marvel Roulette follows the rules of American Roulette. There’s just one zero pocket, but there’s an extra pocket that replaces what would be the double zero pocket, so the odds are pretty much the same. This added pocket is the blue one between 0 and 32, called the Marvel Bonus pocket.

If you bet on it and win, you’ll activate a bonus round with a hidden slot game. There is also the Marvel Mystery Bonus giving you the chance to win one of four progressive jackpots. You can place bets between £0.20 and £400 per spin and explore bet types such as Racetrack Bets and regular inside and outside bets.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette

How to play roulette and win is a major concern for every roulette player, and IGT has simplified the process by offering the Double Bonus Spin Roulette variant. The game features all the traditional American Roulette offerings but spices things up with the addition of a wider yellow bonus pocket. Since it is wider, the chances of the ball landing there is significantly higher, and if that happens, you’ll be rewarded with two bonus spins and an instant reward.

Multi Wheel Roulette

Multi-wheel Roulette is an innovative roulette variant by Microgaming. Here, you can play on up to 8 different wheels simultaneously with the option to deactivate some. It is considered the most profitable variant that real money online roulette players can play with a single bet. That’s because when you place the same bet for every active wheel and win, you’ll be rewarded with wins from each wheel.

Multi Wheel Roulette is played just like European Roulette. The odds on each game depend on how many active wheels there are, but the overall house edge is relatively low. With its immersive graphics and customization options like Fast Play mode, the game has quickly risen to become an online casino favourite. Inside and outside bets, including called bets and final bets, are some of the betting types available.

Lightning Roulette

Here’s a live online roulette variant that you can explore from Evolution Gaming. Lightning Roulette offers an electrifying experience for every player, with high-payout wins available from randomly generated lucky numbers in each round. As expected from a live game, you have a live dealer to interact with and a live wheel to watch in real-time. The game is based on the European variant of roulette.

Lightning isn’t something to run away from in Lightning Roulette because it increases your chances of winning. After each spin, the dealer pulls a lever, and lightning hits the panel, randomly choosing one to five lucky numbers. These Lucky Numbers will reward you Lucky Payouts with multipliers of up to 500x your bet, as long as you win a straight-up bet on the numbers.

Unlike most live roulette games, the visuals here are excellently done, giving you a high dose of immersiveness. Overall, the game is highly interactive and holds loads of fun.


Ready to take summer 2021 to a higher level? You can do so today by playing any of the roulette variants that we have outlined for you. If you’re not sure about playing with real money yet, you can play roulette for free by trying out our game demos. There’s a great deal of fun waiting for you.

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