FanDuel Launches FanDuel Faceoff App: Play Fun Games to Win Real Cash Prizes

FanDuel Faceoff app launches with fun games and real cash prizes.
FanDuel Faceoff app launches with fun games and real cash prizes. /

Adding to the industry-leading casino, racing, fantasy sports and sports betting offerings available, FanDuel is rolling out another new way to have fun and win real cash prizes — with the new FanDuel Faceoff app.

FanDuel Faceoff will let players show off their skills in a variety of fun games, playing against other real users for real cash.

How to Play FanDuel Faceoff

Getting started with FanDuel Faceoff is a simple, three-step process. First download the app, then log in with your existing FanDuel account, and finally find a game to start playing!

FanDuel Faceoff Skill Matching

Jumping into an ocean of sharks is never a fun experience for a gamer, and that's why FanDuel uses a skill-matching process for all head-to-head and multiplayer contests. Skill matching means that you will always be matched up with a player of a similar skill level at the specific title that you're playing.

This keeps the playing field level for everyone, giving anyone a fair shot at competing and winning. More information on skill matching is available on the FanDuel Faceoff website.

FanDuel Faceoff Legal States

To check if FanDuel Faceoff is available in your state, head over to the FanDuel Faceoff landing page to check out the latest up-to-date map on available states.