Augusta Weather: Friday Forecast for The Masters Round 2 at Augusta National Golf Course

Augusta weather including Friday forecast for The Masters at Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia.
Augusta weather including Friday forecast for The Masters at Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia. / ASSOCIATED PRESS

The Masters is officially underway and golfers are getting ready to tee it up for Day 2 at Augusta National Golf Course on Friday, April 7.

This is a crucial day in the tournament, as it will decide which players make the cut and which ones have to pack it in. The weather is thus a pivotal factor in potentially determining who moves on.

Masters Augusta Weather - Round 2 Friday

Thursday's weather was warm and humid for early April with temperatures rising into the 80s. The skies were overcast with heavy cloud cover and there was a slight breeze as well. Not terrible, but not ideal, either.

The weather forecast for Friday looks considerably more treacherous, however, and could end up having a significant impact on the tournament.

Masters Weather Friday Round 2

The projected weather for Day 2 of the tournament on Friday could be a problem. According to AccuWeather, there's expected to be a rain shower in the morning followed by more showers and a thunderstorm in the afternoon, which may delay the tournament. There is a 96 percent chance of precipitation and a 58 percent chance of thunderstorms.

The afternoon golfers appear to be at a disadvantage compared to the morning players, who should be able to finish up before things get dicey. The afternoon players may see their momentum halted and their rhythm thrown off by the poor conditions, however, especially if play is stopped while the storm passes through. If things get really bad, they may have to wait until Saturday to finish up.

On the plus side, temperatures will be a bit cooler on Friday with a high of 77 degrees with a RealFeel of 81 degrees. It could be a bit windier compared to Thursday, however, with gusts up to 22 mph. Overall, it looks like Friday's weather will be a major obstacle for at least part of the day and could end up knocking some players off course.

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