Zoltar Speaks - FanDuel Casino Review

Zoltar Speaks - FanDuel Casino Review


Zoltar Speaks follows the popular movie, “Big” of 1988. A relatable scene to Zoltar Speaks is where Josh, who was not happy with his height, makes a request to Zoltar by putting a coin in a fortune-telling machine to make him tall and big. Now, top game developer, EVERI, tapped into that plot and brought it Into life in the form of a slot game.

Zoltar slot has five pay lines, 3×3 reels, weighted respins, and wilds multiplier. For gaming pleasure, EVERI included old-school-style slot machine symbols like the 7s and BARS. The background music popping while playing also follows the 1988 movie, ”BIG”.

How To Play Zoltar Speaks

Zoltar Speaks has three reels and three rows with a total of five pay lines. The five pay lines constitute two diagonal pay lines and three horizontal pay lines. Consequently, a winning combination can only be achieved if you can land three symbols.

The combination of the winning symbols does not necessarily have to follow a particular arrangement i.e. the combinations can be from the right or left. You only need to adjust your stake and push the spin. To get your total stake/bet, you multiply your pay lines by your value bet or amount staked.

Zoltar Speaks Visuals and Sounds

The visuals and sounds of Zoltar Speaks follow the sound and visuals of the 1988 movie, “BIG”. Zoltar Speaks' visuals follow that of the fortune-teller in the movie. Also, the inclusion of refined visuals and beautifully polished icons is the major attractive feature of the Zoltar Speaks. In the game's welcome page background, there are colorful curtains and a picture of Zoltar. Zoltar is also seen with a pair of cards with a crystal ball placed in front of him. 

With the five pay lines, all the aesthetics and design are primarily to achieve a singular matrix that would serve as a ground where players can hit six standard symbols. Also, there are three logos in Zoltar Speaks; a regular logo, 3x logo, and the 5x logo. All these logos were included to help players complete their winning lines.

Zoltar Speaks features bell-like classic sounds which echo during gameplay. Also, for every spin, music plays. This music is accompanied by a bright light and bell-like classic sound like we have established above. EVERI ensured all sounds are classic machine sounds.

Zoltat Speaks Jackpots

Zoltar Speaks features a progressive jackpot but before we deep dive, let’s highlight how to identify the jackpot symbol. The jackpot symbol in Zoltar Speaks slot is the wizard, the fortune-teller that posses as your new best friend at the beginning of the game. You can luckily trigger multipliers when you have the correct winning combination in this jackpot. 

With an RTP of 95%, Zoltar Speaks features a double jackpot slot by EVERI, which is the best feature of the EVERI slot. The double jackpot comes with a double symbol and automatically multiplies your winnings by x2. Also, gamers can win up to a 10,000x line bet jackpot provided you can hit three-double jackpot wild. Not only that, your three-double jackpot wild must land on the fifth pay line.

Special Features on Zoltar Speaks Online Casino Slot

One of the special features of the Zoltar Speaks slot is the talking machine. Gamers are to listen to the fortune-teller while he predicts their fate. Also, another special feature is the winning symbols combination. With this feature, symbols can appear on reel 1 and consequently pay just one credit. There is also another possibility of the x3 symbol appearing on reel 2 to pay three credits. Another special feature is the respin bonus. For the Zoltar Speaks slot, during the respin bonus, the reels are weighted differently.

Is Zoltar Speaks a Good Online Casino Game?

Zoltar Speaks features little action but brings potentially big wins. With the inclusion of the Wizard, Zoltar himself, the respins feature, and the pay line, you are in for an interesting and fun-filled time on Zoltar Speaks. With the continuous voice of Zoltar echoing, there is never a boring moment won by Zoltar Speaks. The more the gamer plays, the more Zoltar Speaks, and the more you hear. Zoltar Speaks is not just a game; it is a total experience for slot lovers!

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