Why There's Significant Concern About Jazz Chisholm's Back Injury

Why There's Significant Concern About Jazz Chisholm's Back Injury


Miami Marlins electric second baseman Jazz Chisolm Jr. has not played in nearly a month after going on IL in late June for a lower right back strain.

He is reportedly set for a follow-up CT scan on the back injury, which leaves the Pro Baseball Docs concerned his back injury could be season-ending.

Jazz Chisholm Injury Update

While there was no news of an initial CT scan, the 24-year-old did undergo an MRI on his back after suffering a strain on a swing-and-miss on June 24.

A follow up CT scan would likely be checking for healing of the bone, which is a big concern, according to the Pro Baseball Docs.

Also, team doctors don't typically follow up on an exam if they didn't find something in the first imaging.

Because of these two details, the Pro Baseball Docs have significant concern for a pars defect, or a stress fracture of the bones of the lower spine.

If that's the case, Chisholm's IL stay will easily balloon to 60 days and he could miss the rest of the season while waiting for the bone to heal.

It is possible that the CT scan news is incorrect and the Pro Baseball Docs hope to be wrong about the bone involvement. If he's just dealing with a muscle strain, he should be able to return in the final week of July or early August.

The Marlins have gone 11-13 since June 24, including five shutout losses. Joey Wendle will continue to fill in at second base during Chisholm's absence.