VIDEO: Remembering When the Colts Ran The Worst Trick Play in NFL History Against the Patriots

VIDEO: Remembering When the Colts Ran The Worst Trick Play in NFL History Against the Patriots


There are certain plays in NFL history that will live on in infamy. Former New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez's "Butt Fumble" is likely one of the first that comes to mind, but this throwback to Week 6 of the 2015 NFL regular season has to be a close second.

This was a trick play run by the Indianapolis Colts against the New England Patriots, which ended up proving a colossal failure, to say the least. It very well could be the worst trick play in NFL history, due to its result.

Colts Trick Play vs Patriots Video

On a fake punt, the Colts' punt team faked running off the field, then the gunner became the center. Defensive back Colt Anderson also lined up to take the snap at quarterback, leaving the center alone on one side of the ball and surrounded by a full crowd of Patriots defenders on the other.

When the poor attempt of drawing the defense offsides failed, it looked like the play was over. However, the ball was snapped, which obviously resulted in sack and a turnover on downs. It also resulted in the internet exploding with confusion, with many referring to this as the worst overall play in NFL history.

As punter Pat McAfee mentioned on The Pat McAfee Show, only one name is attached to this play on the actual video — his. McAfee went on to explain what exactly went wrong, in what was supposed to be either a successful play of catching the Patriots in a substitution or Indy taking the delay of game penalty.

The player who was supposed to be the snapper was also sick, so wide receiver Griff Whalen took over the responsibilities. In the playbook, if some came under center, he was supposed to snap it. However, changes were made during the week that weren't noted in the playbook, so they were changes that he never experienced since he didn't practice them.

While this is such a small miscommunication, it goes to show how even the smallest mistakes are somehow magnified when teams play the Patriots.

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