Retro Riches - FanDuel Casino Review

Retro Riches - FanDuel Casino Review


Retro Riches is an unusual slot game from High 5 Games. The idea is to take players back in time and create nostalgia for old-timers. However, the gameplay is also different from what we have seen, with many different slots in the past and present. But, there is much to enjoy in this unique game from one of the top names in the slots development industry.

How to Play Retro Riches Slot

Even though it has unique gameplay, there are still many similarities with other slot games. You are still required to click on the Play button that is the Purple Cursor to start spinning the reels.  You need to adjust the size of the bet before each spin.

In this game, you can adjust the bet between $0.20 to $200, making it ideal for all levels of players. Additionally, if you feel like speeding up the spins, you can use the speedometer located on top of the Play button. Also, there is a tiny icon featuring two-pointers acting as an auto-play button.

You can set the auto spins between 10 and 100. Players can also set loss limits, win limits, and other things during the auto spins. Besides that, you can click on the + sign to show other advanced options.  To win, a paying symbol needs to overlap the dots on the game screen. There are 30 basic symbols, but not all appear from the start.

Retro Riches Slot Visuals and Sounds

The game has a retro look and feel. As we have mentioned, the slot works differently. The game screen sits on a space-like pixelated backdrop. On the screen, you will also find 2400 dots, and the slot uses a MegaPixel Pays evaluation. 

With every spin, you will discover symbols randomly placed on certain positions on the matrix that might overlap different areas of the grid. These symbols appear in light blue, purple, or grey, as well as the diamonds and stars symbols. 

As you continue to spin, the dots will overlap and upgrade to different levels up to level four. Also, to complement the unique visuals, the sound is retro and impressive. 

Special Features on Retro Riches Slot

How this game works is similar to a bonus feature. For instance, when a paying symbol overlaps a dot, you will get paid. Also, it is how you will earn points starting from one to 100 points, so you also level up. 

Players can double their winnings with point multipliers. For instance, if you get a Bell symbol to overlap up to 586 dots, you will receive a 25x point multiplier. Also, a Sword symbol that overlaps 75 dots will give up to a 3x point multiplier.

However, there are other interesting Retro Riches bonus features to enjoy. For a start, we need to mention the Spin-Creases special feature. With this feature, you need to collect Diamonds. Once you do that, the Spin-Crease feature will appear, making the game better. 

When a Diamond symbol overlaps the grid of dots, it is gathered and offers 10 Spin-Crease points multiplied by the bet multiplier. After the Spin-Crease meter is completely filled, an extra symbol is unlocked. As a result, you will have to get 12500000 total Spin-Crease points before you can unlock all the available symbols.

Besides these unusual and unique mechanics, you will also find a round of Retro Riches free spins as well. Each time you hit three or more Scatter icons, represented by the Stars symbol, they completely overlap the grid of dots, and you will receive free spins. 

When you get three, four, or five Stars, it will trigger 12, 16, and 20 free spins, respectively. We need to point out that this round begins with all dots at level one. 

Play For Riches With Retro Riches

With an RTP volatility starting from 92.6% and growing up to 97%, this slot game from the High 5 Games is completely unique and different from what we know. The slot is pretty complicated. So, if you are new, it might take some getting used to. However, once you understand how it works, you can start trying your luck to win a massive payout with numerous bonuses.

Everything is ready for you to get started with this slot game. All that is missing is for you to ready your stake and head on to FanDuel Casino to give this video slot a try! But, before you play with real money, we recommend that you first try it out for free.

New FanDuel Casino customers get to play your first day risk-free up to $1000 when you sign up today!