New Update Emerges on Panthers-Aaron Rodgers Trade Rumors

New Update Emerges on Panthers-Aaron Rodgers Trade Rumors


When one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time becomes available, you'd think that any team in need of a QB would show some interest.

Not the Carolina Panthers, apparently.

Aaron Rodgers Trade Rumors

Despite having an extremely uncertain quarterback situation heading into 2023, the Panthers have not reached out to the Green Bay Packers regarding Aaron Rodgers.

It's surprising, to say the least. Does Carolina really think it's better off with Sam Darnold than a guy with four MVP awards and a Super Bowl ring?

Perhaps the Panthers don't want to deal with Rodgers' baggage and drama, or maybe they don't think he'd be a good fit for their team. Still, it's odd that they haven't at least kicked the tires about a potential trade for him.

With all of their division rivals in flux right now, this is the perfect time for Carolina to go for it. Landing the superstar QB would immediately make the Panthers favorites to win the NFC South and all but guarantee a playoff berth in a division where no team finished above .500 last year.

So if Carolina isn't considering making a play for Rodgers, maybe it should.