New Casino Games Spotlight: Slingo Lightning

New Casino Games Spotlight: Slingo Lightning


Slingo Lightning is a hybrid online slot game that combines aspects of bingo and traditional online slots. This game comes in a 5x5 grid layout and with 12 winning lines. Like in a game of bingo, Slingo Lightning requires you to play by crossing out numbers on the game grid. While you play this game, you can get up to 8 free spins in each round of Slingo Lightning.

This real money online slot has a fantastic design with captivating visuals. Players should be wary of the wild lightning bolts, which appear from time to time on the grid. When you see them, they will let you choose numbers from the grid, and possibly give you free spins as well. Follow us as we review this fantastic slot/bingo game.

How to Play Slingo Lightning

One thing we noticed about this real money slot is that it offers an RTP of 95%. Even though this is noticeably lower than the norm for most online slot games, you'll still get some decent winnings. Usually, most typical online slot games pay about 96% RTP. For Slingo Lightning, it means that the higher value wins are considerably more difficult to come by. Instead, what you'll get are frequent low value wins due to its medium to low volatility.

Playing Slingo Lightning is easy, and you can match symbols from the left of the reels to win. The + and - buttons below the paytable allow you to adjust your bet. Also, you can notice that the win amounts will be updated on the paytable when you change your bet.

To begin the game, click on the spin button. It will repeat for all 8 free spins in the main game. In the event of a lightning strike, the game will pause until you select a number from the grid. After the eight core spins, you can either stop it or continue spinning the reels. In Slingo Lightning, players have the option to set their spending limit. Although , you can purchase more spins, however it would be really expensive as the game proceeds.

Slingo Lightning Slot Visuals and Sounds

Like other Slingo games, this particular game has superb graphics. Also, you'll notice a consistent number display throughout the game coupled with its clear visuals. Slingo Lightning is set on a backdrop of a sky looking  more like it's experiencing a thunderstorm. You'll notice the sporadic lightning strikes on the screen. Also, the game has Crows occasionally flying over the screen all the time. All of these elements gives the game an arie feel which adds to the mystery.

Special Features of Slingo Lightning

Although there are not many special features in this game, it doesn't make it any less rewarding. Players will get an additional spin of the reels thanks to free spins symbols. You can only get the free spins in the main game and not in the bonus round.

At the bottom of the grid, on the number line, look out for the lightning bolts. They allow you to get any number of free spins from the grid above the lightning bolt. Also, in Slingo Lightning, you should search for numbers that bring you the closest to the finish line.

Any time you see the Super lightning bolts, it carries a random number regardless of where it is on the reels. You can use it to increase your winning odds since it acts as a Wild symbol. The Wild can substitute for any of the other symbols in the game. You'll typically find different types of Wilds in Slingo Lightning. They have the expanding Wild, the sticky Wild, and the multiplier Wild.

Is Slingo Lightning a Good Slot?

Of course, Slingo Lightning is a fantastic game which gives you both a slot machine and Slingo feel. It has quick gameplay and the games boasts of excellent graphics. Its is recommended for experienced players who know how Bingo works in slot games. Although, it would have been great for this online casino game to come with higher returns, the 95% RTP and low volatility, makes it perfect for low rollers. 

Also, since it has very simple features and no complicated gameplay, newbies will be able to play this game. You should check Slingo Lightning at FanDuel and see how good you are at the game.

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