New Casino Games Spotlight: Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo

New Casino Games Spotlight: Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo


Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania is one of the best slots you can play today. It has a unique feel and experience for everyone that plays this game. Set on a 5-by-5 reel layout, this game comes with 12 active paylines. Lucky Larry Lobstermania comes with an RTP of 96%, which is the average of any slot game you play today. The game has a medium to high variance and includes a lot of rewarding symbols. In our review, we will discuss some of the paying symbols in Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo.

How to Play Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo

The gameplay is straightforward. The first step when playing Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo is to set your bet. When you do this, you can start the game. To win, you need to land numbers on the reels at the bottom with the ones on the grid. If you’re lucky to mark at least five numbers on one of the 12 paylines, you win. Also, you’ll climb up the ladder for each win you make.

Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo Visuals and Sounds

If you’re playing Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo, you should know it's aquatic-themed. Like the original game by IGT, this game has a similar design. However, this time Slingo made this game unique. The only thing that connects Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo with the original game is its theme; otherwise, it’s very different. Slingo is known for making innovative games. They usually merge slots, table games, and even bingo to create something unique. 

Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo also retains the sound effects from the original game. It is fully optimized with the latest HTML5 technology for a mobile experience. If you’re playing this game, you will get an unforgettable experience. The design is fantastic and unique, and the visual effects are unique.

Jackpots on Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo

There are three fantastic jackpots in Lucky Larry Lobstermania. You can trigger it when you land three or more jackpot symbols on the reels. You’ll get one of the three jackpots. Since it’s a progressive jackpot, you’ll first get the Light Trap, Full Trap, and the Motherlode jackpot.

Special Features of Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo

There are many features to look out for in Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo game.  Here are some of them.

Buoy Bonus

This feature can be activated when you land 5, 7, 9 or 12 Slingos. You can opt for fishing in Australia, Maine or Brazil. You can also pick lobster pots to get prizes or even retrieve the Golden Lobster. If you can find the Golden Lobster, you’ll activate the bonus round game to increase your winnings. For each of the locations, you get different bonuses.

  • Maine – If you’re in Maine, you can get three chances to accept or reject your win. During the bonus game, you need to choose a pelican that will reveal the hidden winnings.
  • Australia – Your bonus game will show a set of kangaroos. If you pick one, it will reveal your bonus until you get the Golden Lobster.
  • Brazil – Here, you’ll be shown the octopus bonus. You’ll find the treasure chests under the sea and search for the Golden Lobster.

Free Spins Bonus

There is a free spins bonus in Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo. If you’re lucky to land 6, 8, 10 or 12 Slingos, you can get free spins. It will open up the bonus round, where you will see a set of new reels. Can match the lighthouse, buoy, and boat symbols to get your winnings. If you land the symbols on an active payline, you can get free spins.

Award-winning Slingo Mechanic

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo has a unique mechanic. With this, if you match wilds, super wilds, and free spins together, you can complete the Slingo.

Will I enjoy playing Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo?

Lucky Larry Lobstermania Slingo has a unique mechanic. If you understand how it works, you can land winnings. The game is fun, and you’ll enjoy every minute you spend on it. Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania combines the original game with Slingos innovative touch.

You’ll also appreciate the many features in the game, including the progressive jackpot. If you like what you’ve heard, you should try the experience. You can play this real money slot machine on FanDuel Casino and other Slingo games.

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