New Casino Games Spotlight: Jewel of the Dragon Red Phoenix

New Casino Games Spotlight: Jewel of the Dragon Red Phoenix


Play Jewel of the Dragon: Red Phoenix slot by Scientific Games on FanDuel Casino. This fantastic real money slot machine offers a great gaming experience. Scientific Games is one of the leading software providers and they have a good reputation in the industry.

This real money slot comes in a Chinese theme, and the graphics are fantastic. Jewel of the Dragon: Red Phoenix is set on a 5x3 reel and comes with 50 paylines. If you're lucky in this game, you can win up to 15,000x your stake. 

The game has an average RTP of 95.97%, but what makes it stand out is its fantastic features. In this review, we will delve into the game features so you can decide if it's the right fit for you.

How to Play Jewel of the Dragon Red Phoenix Slot

This 5x3 slot machine is very easy to navigate. With its 50 paylines, you can match winning combos in different positions on the reels. When you launch the game Jewel of the Dragon: Red Phoenix, the first thing to do is set your wager. You can bet between 20¢ and $60. However, make sure you check the rules that apply to this slot machine. You'll need to know the value of each symbol and to do so, click on the settings icon. You'll see a question mark and when you click on it, you'll be able to learn how the game works. 

Jewel of the Dragon: Red Phoenix has many interesting symbols with exciting bonuses. When you spin the reels, you may be lucky to trigger them to double your winnings. If you don't want to manually spin the reels, you can use the autoplay feature. Just tap on the small red icon instead of the big green spin button.

Jewel of the Dragon Red Phoenix Slot Visuals and Sounds

As mentioned earlier, Jewel of the Dragon: Red Phoenix is a Chinese-themed slot machine. The game is set on the backdrop of a giant pagoda sitting in isolation on a forest landscape. When you launch the game, you'll find a lot going on on the screen. There are a lot of buttons for navigating the game, especially on the right side of the reels.

You'll also see other images like the Asian lady portrait, jackpot names and values on the left side of the screen. There are also some other navigation buttons on the left, too. However, the reels are positioned at the center of the screen. 

Jewel of the Dragon: Red Phoenix has vibrant colors, as is common with Chinese-themed games. Also, you'll appreciate the game's interface and graphics quality. There are many colorful symbols as well as the standard royal cards. Other symbols in this game include the scroll, tower, bowl of coins and phoenix. The design complements its Chinese theme and the background music as well. 

Special Features of Jewel of the Dragon Red Phoenix Slot 

There are unique features in this game you should know about. Despite having a standard reel layout, Jewel of the Dragon: Red Phoenix has some interesting bonuses:

Hold & Spin

This feature can be activated when you land six or more of the Hold & Spin symbols or bonus symbols. The game will award you three free spins. Also, when these symbols are on the reels, 5 and 3 become locked in place and if you also get more Hold & Spin symbols, they remain there too. These symbols will stick to the reels until the free spins are used up. If you get more Hold & Spin symbols during the bonus round, it will reset the number of free spins to 3 again.

It is also these Hold & Spin symbols that display the Mini, Minor and Major jackpot. It also gives a multiplier reward that can pay between 1x and 200x your stake. If the symbols are locked on the 15 reels, after the major jackpot has been awarded the player will get the Grand Jackpot prize. Here's a breakdown of how the jackpot pays:

  • Mini Jackpot = 15x
  • Minor Jackpot  = 75x
  • Major Jackpot = 750x
  • Grand Jackpot = 15,000x

Free Spins Feature

During the game, you can get an extra round.if you match the free spins symbols. To trigger it, you have to land three of the symbols on reels 2,3 and 4 to get 5  free spins. In addition, the free spins symbols also carry a prize on them, so you will win anything that is displayed on these symbols.

Buy Pass feature

The game also has a Buy Pass feature and you can activate it with either the Hold & Spin symbols or the Free Spins symbols. Also, the cost will be calculated based on your total wager. The Buy Pass also affects the game's RTP, so it will change to 95.88%. If it is with the free spins, the game's returns will be at 95.99%.

Is Jewel of the Dragon Red Phoenix a good online slot game?

You can play Jewel of the Dragon Red Phoenix today from Scientific Games. It is a fantastic real money slot machine and is currently available at FanDuel Casino. You can enjoy the gameplay while also winning real money from it. 

If you're a fan of Chinese-themed slots, you'll want to try out Jewel of the Dragon: Red Phoenix. If you're lucky, you can grab the 15,000x Grand Jackpot prize. This game is recommended for all levels of players and even high rollers.

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