New Casino Games Spotlight: Almighty Buffalo Megaways

New Casino Games Spotlight: Almighty Buffalo Megaways


Enjoy an exciting adventure playing Almighty Buffalo Megaways! The online casino real money slot has six reels. In this epic journey over the frontier, you could win through up to 117,649 different ways.

One of the many fun features that roam these plains are called Megaways. The majestic Megaways feature allows the Almighty Buffalo to resume its rightful place as a renowned slot game. There's a ton of stuff to do in Almighty Buffalo Megaways. So, why don't you go ahead and join the huge beasts and see what you can do when you play slots for real money.

How to Play Almighty Buffalo Megaways

The slot machine casino game has a board that cascades in multiple directions and six reels. Alongside the jacks, queens, kings, 9s, and 10s, there are other icons on the board. They feature animals, including bears, wolves, moose, and buffalo. The golden buffalo are found in the wild. If you can match them up in at least three columns, you will win the game. There are many opportunities to win due to the large number of tiles on the board.

The bonus round is also known as the Buffalo Bet. This round will begin once you have collected three or more gems sprinkled over the board. You can also participate in the Buffalo Bet by paying the direct entry fee of $200. The bonus round will continue without input until your free spins are used. The return to player (RTP) for the Buffalo Bet is 97.01%, greater than the RTP for the standard game (96.5%). You will experience an exciting adventure playing this slot game at an online casino for real money. 

Almighty Buffalo Megaways Slot Visuals and Sounds

It is difficult not to get the impression that you have experienced everything that this game has to offer. The reels are packed with the usual cast of animals, but this time there are also buffalo, bears, wolves, and moose. The setting of this slot game is in the grasslands. There is a beautiful sunset and a night sky loaded with stars in the background.

You have won the game if there is a combination of three or more identical symbols on reels adjacent to one another. The likelihood of seeing characters from an earlier game version reappear in this iteration is exceptionally high.

Special Features of Almighty Buffalo Megaways

The online slot real money game, Almighty Buffalo Megaways has the following special features:

Free Spins

A new screen will show before the bonus round begins, giving you an option between the following four free spin configurations:

  • 15 Free Spins with a multiplier starting at 1x 
  • 10 Free Spins with a multiplier beginning at 5x 
  • 5 Free Spins with a multiplier starting at 10x 
  • Mystery Choice

The mystery pick feature has the potential to bestow any beginning multiplier and any amount of free spins upon the player. This could work out to your benefit, giving you 15 free spins with a beginning multiplier of 10x. However, it could also fail horribly, leaving only 5 free spins and a starting multiplier of 1x instead.

Scatter Symbols

You will need at least four scatter symbols to win a round of free spins. Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the game's six reels if you have the good fortune to hit more than four. Then, you will be rewarded with additional spins at the beginning of your bonus round as a result of this.

Bonus Buy

If you go straight to the free spins feature, you can do so by paying 100x, the standard price per spin. This will allow you to bypass the base game. Before the beginning of the bonus round, you will be allowed to select a free spins configuration. This is just as you would be given when the feature activates on its own organically.

Is Almighty Buffalo Megaways a good Slot?

Almighty Buffalo Megaways is an excellent online slot. The game is one of the many online slots for real money. It brings unique gameplay to the table in terms of the Megaways gameplay format. It is pretty similar to what we have seen in other games. Despite this, it is a fantastic game, and the maximum prize is rather extensive. On that note, you should anticipate exciting gameplay when you start gaming.

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