MLB Playoff Picture Bracket for the 2022 Postseason as of August 27

MLB Playoff Picture Bracket for the 2022 Postseason as of August 27


There is a little more than one month remaining on the 2022 MLB regular season schedule, meaning one thing: the push to the postseason has officially begun.

The MLB revealed a brand-new postseason format for 2022, which includes the addition of one playoff spot in the form of a third Wild Card team from each league. With the bracket increasing from 10 teams to 12 teams, there's added competition and importance for the games down the stretch. Say goodbye to meaningless September baseball.

Fans are eager to know, what does the new postseason bracket officially look like? For starters, now two teams from both the American League and National League begin the playoffs with a first-round bye, the two division winners with the best records.

The third division winner will open up with a home Wild Card series against the final Wild Card teams. The Wild Card round is now a best-of three game series, with all three contests played at the home park of the higher seed.

From there, the ALDS and NLDS rounds continue on as previously scheduled, a best-of-five game series. The same applies to the ALCS, NLCS and World Series, but in the usual seven-game series formats.

MLB Postseason Bracket 2022

The Duel has put together a printable bracket that shows what the MLB Playoff bracket would look like of the season were to end today.

As it stands, the 1-seed Houston Astros (81-46) and 2-seed New York Yankees (78-48) will earn first-round byes in the AL, while the 1-seed Los Angeles Dodgers (87-37) and 2-seed New York Mets (81-46) will in the NL.

The Seattle Mariners represent the final AL Wild Card spot, holding a slim 2.5-game lead over the Baltimore Orioles for that coveted new postseason berth. On the NL side, the San Diego Padres hold a 2.5-game lead over the Milwaukee Brewers for that final Wild Card spot.

MLB Playoffs Bracket 2022

To view, download and print this bracket, use this link.

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