Marvelous Mouse - FanDuel Casino Review

Marvelous Mouse - FanDuel Casino Review


Marvelous Mouse slot is a Chinese-themed game created by SG Digital. Scientific Games digital is one of the leading developers in the industry, with hundreds of online slots in different categories. This slot was released early this year, and now you can play this slot at the FanDuel casino.

The Marvelous Mouse slot is a part of the new Coin Combo series by these developers. Many exciting features come with this slot, and we will be exploring them in our review.

How to Play Marvelous Mouse Slot

Playing the Marvelous Mouse slot is fun, and the setup is relatively easy. You will see a golden cursor; click on it to launch the reels. When you enter the game, you will notice the 5 X 3 reels layout.  You can then proceed to set your wager. There is a sign above the cursor that allows you to set your betting limit.

In the Marvelous Mouse slot, you can place a bet as low as 22¢ and a maximum of $88 to spin the reels. Also, you can use the auto-bet feature; all you need to do is click on the sign that displays two cursors. 

However, you should know that players can use up to 200 spins in the auto-bet feature. You can also control other game features using the gear button, which is sitting on the left side. When you click on it, you will be directed to several game settings, including payout table, sound control, and game rules.

The Marvelous Mouse is a very rewarding game and playing this slot is easy. The game has up to 243 ways to win and if you are lucky, you can gather winnings up to 2,840x your stake. The game has medium volatility and you can expect to get some decent payouts. Overall, you should expect a good reward considering the game pays up to 96.26% returns.

Marvelous Mouse Slot Visuals and Sounds

This slot is inspired by a traditional Chinese setting. The main symbol of the game is the tiny mouse and you will also find a host of other colorful symbols in the game. Some of them include teapots, fortune cookies, golden dumplings, and citrus fruit. It also has the colorful regular playing symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A.

The first thing players will observe about the game is its beautiful and vibrant colors. The prominent colors are red and gold which are synonymous with Chinese colors. The game has an image of a beautiful Chinese-style building that looks more like a temple. It reveals the position of the wild. Also, the sound effects are amazing and the traditional music fits perfectly with the Chinese theme.

Jackpots on Marvelous Mouse Online Slot

Four different jackpots come with this slot. You can be led to take part in the mini or minor jackpots when you land Element Coins in the colored bowls. The jackpot will be triggered after the player has successfully activated the ultra, supreme, or ultimate free spins.

Also, you don't need to land all of the Element Coins in all the colored bowls. If you land in the coins in the Red Bowl, you can qualify for the jackpot feature. You will notice 15 coins displayed on the reels, you should click on them until you get 3 upgrade symbols or the 3 FU Babies. You may also be lucky to get both.

The 3FU Babies will lead you to the jackpot that matches the color you received. If you are lucky to land both the 3FU Babies and 3 Upgraded Symbols, you can then move higher to the next jackpot. The slot has a progressive jackpot system so you can move from Mini to Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpots. The corresponding figures of the Jackpots are 22.7x, 56.8x, 227.3x, and 1136.4x respectively.

Special Features of Marvelous Mouse Slot

The Marvelous Mouse slot comes with a variety of bonus features. Here are some of the special features you will find in this game:


This slot features a wild symbol which you can win directly from when you land 2,3 and 4 of the matching symbols on the reels. The wild can be used as a substitute for other symbols in the game except for the Element Coins.

Element Coins

The Element Coins can access most of the bonuses in the game, which come in blue, green, and red colors. The elements will randomly appear in the colored bowl each time you spin the reels. In the process, one or more of the bowls can be activated when they have the Element Coins in them.

Free Spins 

Players are in for a treat when they play the Marvelous Mouse slot. You can get free spins from the three colored bowls in the reels. The Red Bowl offers 6 free spins, and when you land the Element Coins, you either have one or two free spins. This will also qualify you for a cash prize which will be added to your total winnings. The Green Bowl also comes with 6 free spins in the base game. Landing the Element Coins also gives one or two additional free spins and a chance to win the cash prize.

Is Marvelous Mouse an Online Casino Game Worth Playing?

Marvelous Mouse slot is a highly rewarding and entertaining game. If you love Chinese-themed slots, you will certainly enjoy playing this game. There are a lot of features and winning chances. The overall design of the game makes it even more appealing. We suggest you play this game on the FanDuel casino website, which has just included this entertaining slot game.

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