Kentucky Derby Weather: Saturday Forecast for Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs

Kentucky Derby Weather: Saturday Forecast for Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs


The 2023 Kentucky Derby is almost here, which means sports fans and bettors alike are getting ready for the 149th Run for the Roses on Saturday, May 6.

While many are wondering which horse will win the first leg of the Triple Crown, viewers should also keep an eye on the weather forecast for the big race. The weather could have a significant impact on racing conditions and affect which contender crosses the finish line first.

Louisville Kentucky Weather

Like all outdoor sporting events, the Kentucky Derby has the potential to be affected by weather. That's especially true given the timing of the event in May, which is historically the rainiest month on average for Louisville, Kentucky.

While rain is less of an issue for turf tracks, it can create muddy conditions on dirt tracks like the one at Churchill Downs. That can slow down the horses, of course, and affect the outcome of the race. Some horses perform better on dirt tracks in general and have had more success in wet conditions, so sports bettors will want to keep that in mind as they monitor the conditions leading up to the event.

Kentucky Derby Weather

As of Thursday, the weather forecast for the Kentucky Derby looks great. According to AccuWeather, the forecast calls for a high of 71 degrees during the day on Saturday with clouds giving way to sunshine. The temperature should drop into the 60s by the time the actual race starts at 6:57 p.m. ET.

While there will be some clouds on Saturday, there is only a 25% chance of precipitation, so rain is unlikely to be much of a factor. Friday's forecast has a 70% chance of rain, however, which will likely be in the afternoon, so the track may still be a bit damp on Saturday.

Overall, these conditions appear promising for the attendees, jockeys, and horses. The temperature will be comfortable but not too warm or sunny, so the weather appears unlikely to have a major effect on the race's outcome.

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