Bankroll Management

Bankroll Management


Have you ever sat behind the casino table, intending to play aggressively, and in the course of playing, realize you've emptied your wallet due to consecutive losses during the game? It is rather embarrassing and very disappointing. But you can't run away from losses entirely because they are a part of the game. Instead, what you can do is learn how to manage your bankroll effectively.

In this guide, we will let you in on all there is to know about bankroll management, the kinds that exist, and how to use them to take your betting experience from a losing one to a winning one.

Bankroll Management In Simple Terms

Bankroll management is the process of setting aside an amount of money and distributing it effectively among wagers to ensure a profitable betting. If there are no systems to guide the bankroll, losing money happens as fast as a running tap. It is one of the recommended strategies for every casino player or sports bettor. Bankroll management is in two stages:

  1. Set out an amount for betting
  2. Set out an amount for individual wagers

Set Out An Amount For Betting

Professional players often have a separate account used to fund their betting practices. That way, they never have to eat into money used for other purposes. If you're a casual bettor and don't wish to have a separate gaming account, you should budget an amount and never exceed it. The basic notion is that players should not bet with money they cannot afford to lose.

Set Out An Amount For Individual Wagers

The second part is even more crucial because it is a common mistake that novice bettors are fond of making. Such players are usually full of enthusiasm and often go betting on a whim. As a beginner, that's the worst move you can make. You should set out a specific amount out of your bankroll for every wager if you want to maximize your time betting.

Bank Size

Most of the time, successful players lose money without count; some enjoy long term profits while short term results often waver. Obviously, the bigger the bankroll, the longer you can keep playing with an effective money management plan. However, this should not be a deterrent for players with smaller betting funds.

The size of your betting account will decide the amount to stake on individual bets. To have the bankrolling without failure is done by calculating your losing run. There are unique calculators online which tell you the number of losing bets to expect by rows randomly. Using this systematic method, you can optimize your bankroll for the longest losing run.

Bankroll Management Methods

Correct bankroll management is significant to players who bet for the long, and there are simple practices that can aid bettors in preventing unnecessary financial losses. Enlisted are the money management strategies to help any player achieve a golden dream.

Level Staking

With level stake strategy, you stake a fixed amount or percentage of your bankroll on each bet.

Fixed Level Staking: This is seemingly the best bankroll management strategy for everyone, regardless of your betting experience (beginner or pro). No sort of complex mathematics is involved, which makes it far easier to use. Fixed level staking uses the unit criteria where you wager a specific unit on every bet.

Let's say you funded your betting account with $1000 and 1 unit size of 1%, making it $10 for each bet and wager. With this method, a player has to be consistent and stick to the system. One interesting factor about the unit is that it enables you to checklist your profit margin so you can compare yourself to other bettors concerning your progress.

Percentage Level Staking: With percentage level staking, you wager a percentage of your bankroll on each bet. It is similar to fixed-level staking, with the only difference being that your wager’s size appreciates as your bankroll appreciates. When the bankroll depreciates, you can guess the results. You must make sure to bet on the proportion to the amount of money in your betting bank account. 

A merit of the level stakes betting is its simplicity; anyone can apply this principle with understanding. If the longest losing run is calculated right, you can obtain the stake percentage's exact value. For example, if the expected longest losing run is 30, you can adjust the level stake percentage at 1/35th or 1/40th of the betting bank account, depending on how much you can afford. It also takes advantage of a winning streak as you keep wagering more.

The Fibonacci Method

It sounds very exotic and complicated to first-timers, but this method was inspired by the Fibonacci number sequence created by the 12th-century Italian mathematician of the same name. The Fibonacci sequence formula starts with 1 and then adds the two previous numbers to get the next number (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on). With the Fibonacci method, the size of your stake is determined by the sequence. It moves a step up with a loss and a step down with a win.

The Fibonacci Method is a vital bankroll management approach that breeds profits for players who understand the method, and as we've explained, it's rather straightforward to grasp.

Kelly Criterion

The Kelly Criterion was devised in the 1950s, and most bettors appreciate this method of money management because it maximizes their potential profit margin. With this method, the size of your stake matches the level of value found in your bet. A valuable bet should attract a higher stake and vice versa.

To cut down on the risks of getting the value wrong or losing money quickly, many bettors use two Kelly Criterion strategies: the Half Kelly and the Quarter Kelly. Moreover, with the Kelly Criterion, you can obtain higher profits by risking more units if you are consistent with your wins.

Confidence Model

The confidence model adds new value to the formulae. Players may be confident with a particular wager and are willing to risk multiple units or bet to win multiple units if they prefer to add up with a potential return model. There are scales (1-3 unit scale or 1-5 unit) to choose from based on your risk aversion. It is advisable to stick to the 1-3 unit scale unless your confidence levels prove to be accurate.

Using this method requires you to gauge your confidence for every bet. If it is low, then bet with 1 unit, if it is medium, go with two units, and if it's high, go with three units. 

Confidence models take discipline, you might be cruising on a winning streak with wagers of 2, 3, to 5 units, but without caution, disaster is bound to occur no matter how good a player you are. 

The Martingale Approach

Here we have a famous type of bankroll management in poker. The Martingale system's basic idea is that a player doubles the bet after every loss to recover all previous damages with a profit equal or more than the first chance. The key to applying this system is starting with a lower amount of money to minimize your losses. Players who start with low bets can stretch their bankroll long enough to recover from damages and bounce back with a double win. This is true not just for bankroll management in poker, but in all forms of gambling.

The Importance Of Effective Bankroll Management

Firstly, many people get discouraged from the game because they are tired of losing. But the fact is that you can only get discouraged when your bankroll is managed poorly. To be a successful bettor takes having the ability to make accurate picks while managing your bankroll correctly. Both are equally essential because if you were to sideline bankroll management, you could burn through your funds before that lucky bet clicks.

Secondly, money management is what makes a responsible gambler. By managing your funds the right way, you can weather losing streaks and eliminate the need to chase losses. Even when on a hot streak, your bankroll management strategy will prevent you from getting too excited and risking more money in the hopes of winning big. At FanDuel, we strongly advocate responsible gambling and urge bettors always to implement a good bankroll management plan.


And there you have it: all you need to know about bankroll management and how to begin applying them for a successful betting experience. You can utilize one or more of these methods based on your personal preference. Betting is and always will be a gamble, and using a bankroll strategy isn't a surefire way to hit the jackpot. However, it does multiply your chances of doing so. And if there's anything we know about betting, it's that one good shot is all it takes.

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