This Is Golf The SPORTSRICH Way

If you love playing FanDuel, then you’ll love FanDuel Golf, our newest fantasy sport. FanDuel Golf combines everything you love about FanDuel Football — the big plays, the sleeper sensations, and the nail-biting finishes — with all the finesse and precision of golf.

This guide will show you how to draft and enter your FanDuel Golf lineup, and you’ll also get some strategies to help you start to refine your game. When you’re ready to step up to the tee, just pick your contests and start playing today.

Picking Your Players

On FanDuel Golf, you draft a total of 8 golfers: 4 golfers for Rounds 1-2, and 4 different golfers for Rounds 3-4. Your entire lineup (all 8 golfers) locks at the start of Round 1. And like all FanDuel sports, each player has a salary based on skill and past performance — so make sure your lineup stays under the salary cap.

Your players primarily earn points for their play in the rounds you select them for. But you also get rewarded if any of your players — regardless of the round you play them in — finish in the real-world tournament’s top 25.

Keys To The Game

We designed FanDuel Golf to make every hole matter — for every player, in every round, in every tournament. That’s why you get points for your players’ individual hole performance, streaks, and real-world finishing position.

Scoring Guide

Review the chart below to learn how points are awarded and penalties are assessed.

Standard Scoring
or better
Double Bogey
or worse
Finishing Position (Based on final tournament position on leaderboard)
1st Place
2nd - 5th Place
6th - 10th Place
11th - 25th Place
Streak Bonus
Consecutive holes in a row under par
Bounce Back
Hole under par after hole over par
5+ Birdies
A round with 5+ holes under par
Bogey-Free Round
A round with no holes over par

Caddie’s Corner

Remember, on FanDuel Golf, it’s not just who you pick, but when you pick them. If you’re a new player, you may want to consider the High-Level Strategies below to help you identify the pool of players you want to pick. Then, use the more specific Rounds 1-2 and Rounds 3-4 strategies to help you decide where to slot them.

High-Level Strategies

Past Course Performance
Every course is different. Consider how each player has previously performed on that week’s course.

Who’s Hot?
Look for healthy players who have had recent success.

Pick Contenders
Whether you start a player in Rounds 1-2 or Rounds 3-4, you get rewarded if he finishes in the tournament’s top 25. So keep the real-world prospects of all of your players in mind as you make your picks.

Rounds 1-2 Strategy

Take Risks
In rounds 1-2, your players can still be valuable even if they don’t make the cut. So concentrate your risk here.

Choke Artists
Players who start strong but can’t close are more valuable in Rounds 1-2.

Key Stat
Find each player’s average R1-R2 FPPG (FanDuel Points Per Game) under his player card.

Rounds 3-4 Strategy

Play It Safe
You don’t get any points for Rounds 3-4 players who fail to make the cut, so put the players you’re most confident will make it the final two rounds here.

Clutch Performers
Try to isolate players who always turn it on in the final rounds of a tournament.

Key Stat
Find each player’s average R3-R4 FPPG (FanDuel Points Per Game) under his player card.

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Hit The Range

Get started with one of the contests below. And if you want to enter more contests, just look for the golf ball icon and the PGA tab in the lobby.

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$25 driver

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$10 Punch Shot*

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$1 Beginner DU

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Bring Your Crew

Earn cash when you invite your friends. Recruit a friend new to FanDuel and you'll BOTH get a $10 credit

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