Step into the Lobby, your home arena

From the lobby, you can choose any contest you'd like to enter. Even create your own contest and play against your friends. It's simple to sort by sport, contest type, payout, entry amount & more.

Let's break down the contest types

Some contests are winner take all, other contests share the wealth across hundreds, even thousands of winners. Wins come in all forms. How you play is your call.

Play against other rookies
Rookie Contests

Get a feel for the game - you vs. other new players. But hurry, you're only a rookie for your first 14 days on FanDuel.

All Rookie Contests are 50/50s

That means the entire top half of rookies win cash in every Rookie Contest.

Try A Rookie Contest
Keep the game simple
50/50 Contests

50/50 contests pay the top 50% of all teams, no matter how many enter. Just finish in the top half to win.

Multiplier Contests

Play for 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x your money. Each payout is proportional to how many people win. So you can play it safe, or play for more money.

Head-To-Heads (H2H)

Take on a single opponent, winner take all. Even create your own H2H and challenge a friend.

Go for bigger wins

The payouts are high. And so is the competition. It's you vs. fans across the country for serious cash.

Satellites & Qualifiers

Satellites & Qualifiers let you enter for less money, and winners advance to the biggest FanDuel Tournaments.


Leagues range in size from 3 - 100+ people, with your choice of entry levels and payout options. Plus, play against friends in private leagues.

New to FanDuel? Start with a Rookie Contest.

You can only enter Rookie Contests for your first 14 days on FanDuel. So you can go against fellow FanDuel rookies while you find your form. Here’s a few you can enter now - your choice of entry options - each contest pays the top half of teams:

$2 MLB Rookie Contest
$2 entry fee
$36 in prizes
$5 MLB Rookie Contest
$5 entry fee
$90 in prizes
$10 MLB Rookie Contest
$10 entry fee
$180 in prizes

Challenge a friend, or all your friends

Friends, family, bitter rivals - create your own private contest and invite whoever you want. You can find the 'Create Contest' button in the top/right of the Lobby. Then choose 'League' or 'Head-to-head', and set your opponent as 'Friends Only'.

Create A Private Contest


Set your lineup. Just watch the cap

Just like season-long fantasy leagues, you choose who to start on gameday. But on FanDuel, you can pick ANY players you want. Your job is to put together the best lineup you can - and stay under the salary cap - because each player has a price.

Know the fundamentals, sport by sport

Every sport on FanDuel comes with a unique set of strategies. Check out these handy guides for an in-depth look at lineup tactics, tips & advice — including tactics proven to win on FanDuel.

FanDuel MLB Training Guide

Get the scouting report on our 2016 MLB contests, including new scoring.

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FanDuel NBA Training Guide

It’s not too late to try your talents in our NBA contests. Here’s a look at the highlights

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Proven to help you

Introducing numberFire - your home for advanced-level lineup insights - including deep-dive analytics, algorithm-based projections & tools proven to help you win on FanDuel.

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Score points as you rack up stats

Here's a quick breakdown of FanDuel scoring for MLB contests. Each sport has its own scoring system. The more you score, the more likely you'll walk-off with a win.

1B (Single)
3 Points
2B (Double)
6 Points
3B (Triple)
9 Points
HR (Home Run)
12 Points
RBI (Run Batted In)
3.5 Points
R (Runs)
3.2 Points
BB (Base on Balls)
3 Points
SB (Stolen Base)
6 Points
HBP (Hit by Pitch)
3 Points

W (Win)
12 Points
ER (Earned Runs)
-3 Points
SO (Strike Out)
3 Points
IP (Innings Pitched)
3 Points*

*Fractional Scoring Per Out

To the victors, go the spoils

Play for real money, or trips and experiences you can't buy. Different contests on FanDuel offer different prizes and payout structures. Click on the amount displayed under 'Prizes' in the lobby, or from any contest page, for a complete look at what you could win.

Play, watch & win. From anywhere.

Take FanDuel with you wherever gameday takes you. You can enter contests, pick a lineup, and track your results live - all from your phone, tablet or computer.

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