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Just hit the target score to win your share of the prize.

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What is Beat the Score?

Beat the Score is the newest way to win on FanDuel. In a Beat the Score contest, you don’t have to worry about finishing in first. Just hit the target score, and you’ll split the entire payout with everyone else who wins. Different contests have different scores to beat, so you can choose your level of difficulty.

Sound simple? That’s because it is. And best of all, if no one beats the score, everyone gets their entry fee refunded. So you can be confident taking your best shot.

Where can I play Beat the Score?

We’re offering Beat the Score contests for our Full Roster game style across all sports.
Find it in the contest style options.

Where should I start?

Here are a few Beat the Score contests we think you’ll like.

More about Beat the Score

Beat the Score

Beat the Score contests are fantasy tournaments following FanDuel's standard scoring and game play rules, where all prize pools are guaranteed and announced in advance. However, to win a Beat the Score contest, users will have to hit a target score for that specific contest. The score to beat and guaranteed prizes for each individual contest will be located in the contest title and on the draft screen.

Every user whose score matches or exceeds the score to beat will split the guaranteed prize pool for that contest. If no one or everyone hits the target score, all users who entered the contest will receive a refund of their entry fee.