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Draft on the go with 5-man rosters

This season, we’re excited to introduce FanDuel Mini, our newest contest format. In a Mini NFL contest, you pick just 5 players — one QB, two WRs, and two RBs. But don’t let the smaller rosters fool you, there’s nothing mini about our payouts.

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Two ways to play

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FanDuel Mini comes in two styles — Mini and Mini Unlimited. In a standard FanDuel Mini contest, you pick five players and stay within the salary cap. Think of it like a smaller version of a regular FanDuel contest. But in a Mini Unlimited contest, every player is priced so that there are no salary cap restrictions, meaning you can fill out your rosters with any combination of players you want. Find both Mini and Mini Unlimited contests under the NFL Mini tab in the lobby.


Mini Unlimited

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Pick Just 5 Players

It’s the easiest way to get in the game

We’re launching a brand new way to play FanDuel fantasy Basketball. In Starting 5 contests, the positions are the same as real basketball — G, G, F, F, C — so it’s even closer to the game you love. And smaller rosters make it easy to play on the go.

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MLB Mini

Find Mini baseball contests in the lobby under the MLB tab

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