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The biggest tournament in sports is now on FanDuel! Play fantasy soccer for cash prizes — all World Cup long.

It’s easy to get started. Just choose a contest, pick your 8 players, and then kick back in your favorite recliner as you watch your team score. Think of it like fantasy football — with an accent.

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Pick your Players

Build a world-class lineup by filling all 8 of the positions below. Just make sure you stay under the $60,000 salary cap.

Keys to the game

FanDuel Soccer was designed to prioritize the same skills and plays that give real soccer players their value. Since the point of the match is ultimately to score, goals scored are weighted the most heavily. But FanDuel Soccer also gives credit to the less-flashy actions that help lead to wins.

As you start to develop your strategies, pay attention to players who are the most involved in the game’s action, and look for them to rack up points in categories like passes, interceptions, tackles, and shots on goal.

2018 World Cup Scoring Guide

We’ve made major updates to our scoring system for the 2018 World Cup.

Defenders / Midfielders / Forwards Only





Shots on Goal


Chances Created






Blocked Shots




Defense Only

Clean Sheet



Clean Sheet


Goals Against




Win Bonus



Goalkeepers will receive points for goalkeeper specific events only. Players other than the goalkeeper will not receive points for goalkeeper unique events should they play in goal for any reason during a match, and midfields/forwards will not receive defender clean sheet bonuses if they play in defense.

Points accrued by players during extra time will be awarded under the same conditions and at the same values as they are during regular match time.

Players do not accrue any points during a penalty shootout.

Goalkeepers and defense will be awarded a clean sheet if they play the entire match and do not allow a goal. A goal allowed in extra time will nullify a clean sheet.

What’s New?

Since teams don’t release starting lineups until a couple hours before each game starts, it can be difficult to know who you should slot into your lineups. So now, we’re marking players who are expected to start with EXP and players who are confirmed to start with a

Coach's Corner

Consider these strategy tips as you build your rosters

Underdogs Overperform

Goalkeepers and defenses who are facing powerhouse teams tend to get more opportunities for saves (for GK) and interceptions and clearances (for DEF). Look for bargains on value defenses, and save your salary for attackers.

Go Beyond the Goals

Midfielders are the most dependable source for high-upside performances. So pick players who fill the stat sheet, even if they aren’t goal scorers — then look for them to have a huge match if they do put one in the net.

Forward Thinking

Forwards are the most boom-or-bust performers, since most of their points will come from goals. If you’re entering multiple lineups, consider using different combinations of forwards to expand your likelihood of picking up a hot scorer.

Pick Your Players

New indicators quickly tell you if a player is expected to start and if the player is confirmed to start . So no more second guessing if a player is going to ride the bench or kick it all over the field.

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Friends Mode:

Friends Mode lets you play a private league with only your friends. It’s all the fun and flexibility of daily fantasy, with all the trash talk of a season-long league.

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