Try a more flexible fantasy league.

Available for PGA, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL & EPL!

Friends Mode combines the best parts of FanDuel with everything you love about your traditional fantasy league. It's you against your friends all season, but you get to pick new players – and play for cash prizes – in every contest you play. And now you can set your league’s schedule to play whenever you want.

Plus, every time a friend joins FanDuel through your league, you both get $10 toward contests.
$10 paid after each new player you refer plays $20+ on FanDuel. Void where prohibited.

FanDuel Friends Mode vs. Traditional Fantasy Leagues

Introducing a fresh take on your traditional fantasy league. See how Friends Mode stacks up.

Traditional Fantasy
Play with your friends
Track the standings all season
Name and customize your league
Crown a year-end champion
No collecting league dues
No coordinating draft times
Pick any players you want
Play whenever you want
Play for cash prizes each day
Get rewarded for inviting new FanDuel players
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We make it easy to be Commish.

Starting a league only takes a couple minutes. And there’s no coordinating a draft or collecting league dues.


Start a league

It’s free. Just give your league a name and upload a picture.


Choose how to play

Create one contest upfront. We handle the rest each week, all season.


Invite your friends

Search for friends on FanDuel or send an invite link. And if you recruit a friend new to FanDuel, you’ll BOTH get $10 in FanDuel credits.

Any sport. Any day.

Friends Mode is now available for MLB & PGA! Plus NFL, NBA, NHL, and EPL.

Friends Mode is a more flexible way to play fantasy with your friends. Just choose your sport, then decide when you want to play. Choose once a week, every day, or anything in between, and we’ll create your contests automatically for the days you choose. And don’t worry, you can change the schedule any time.

Win the day. And the season.

In a traditional fantasy league, only championships matter – and it takes a full season to reap the benefits. Friends Mode makes every day an opportunity to win your league, and collect the winnings that come with it. We pay winners for each contest instead of just once a season. And there's no tracking down your friends for league dues – we handle that for you.

Customize contests for your league.

How you play is up to you. Pick the amount of friends you’d like to play with (up to 20), your contest entry fee (from free to $100), as well as your payout structure. You can also pick the days you want to play each week, and we’ll automatically set up the contests for you. And if you want to switch it up, your Commish can change things at any time.

Add Friends Mode to your regular league.

Friends Mode is a different test of skill. Because we’ve taken the early-season guesswork out of traditional fantasy — no more depth chart surprises, lingering injuries, or first-round draft busts. So you can see who knows sports, plain and simple.

Stay connected with Friends Mode Chat

Talk trash, keep in touch, and share important league updates right in the FanDuel app

With Friends Mode Chat, you can send messages to your entire Friends Mode league from right within your FanDuel app. Use it to remind your leaguemates to enter your next contest or just to remind them who’s #1. And don’t hold back, because on FanDuel, there’s no penalty for excessive celebration.

Just look for the badge on the Friends tab in your app to see when you have a new Chat, and make sure you have push notifications enabled so you never miss a post from one of your leaguemates.

Prove you know more than your friends.

With the stats to back it up.

Play any day.

We serve up your league contests on the days your Commish chooses. But you can take time off whenever you want.

Win any day.

Winners get paid each contest, not once a season. So if you have a great season, you get rewarded the whole time.

Brag all season.

The official ‘Standings’ counts your top 5 scores. Put up a big score to drop your lowest score and raise your status. Or look at Total Scores to see who’s best.

Recruit a friend new to FanDuel and you both win

Every time a new FanDuel player signs up through your league invite, you’ll BOTH get a $10 credit you can use to enter contests. See referral details

$10 credit paid after each new player referred plays $20+ on FanDuel.