You spoke. We listened.

Fantasy hockey is new and improved. Learn everything you need to get ready for faceoff.

We’ve improved our game

We heard you loud and clear. You wanted us to make fantasy hockey more fun to play, better to watch, and closer to the real game. So that’s exactly what we did.

Start any starter

No longer will you have to pick left wings and right wings, or search for starting goalie information. Just pick any 4 wings, and look for our projected starting goalie indicators.

Improved live scoring

We’ve upgraded our live scoring to get more accurate stats, more quickly. That means you can watch your points rack up in real time and be confident in the results.

New scoring system

Our new points system came from months of statistical research and deep analytics. Now, the best on-ice performance really will get the most points.

What’s New

Our "What's New" page lists all of the major new product updates and features that we've added.

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Learn the Basics

Pick your Players

Build the best lineup you can by filling all 9 of the positions below. Just make sure you stay under the $55,000 salary cap.

Scoring Guide — New for 2016

Full scoring breakdown
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New Scoring, New Strategies

These tips will help you get wins in our new scoring system.

Pick goalies on teams favored to win

When a goalie’s team wins, they earn 12 fantasy points. That’s a huge point bonus that can really give you a bump in the standings.

Stack players on the same line

Pick up to 3 skaters who will be on the ice at the same time. That way, when one player scores a goal, the other two could each get an assist as well. That’s a total of 28 points on one play.

Choose skaters who consistently get shots on goal

Shots produce goal-scoring chances. Whether it's a direct shot on goal, a rebound, or just a fortunate bounce, high volume shooters can earn you some serious points.

Find skaters who get powerplay time

With some extra research, you can find skaters who are usually on the ice during powerplays. Since powerplays often lead to points, these players are hugely valuable.

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