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The WNBA Has Arrived

We're excited to announce that WNBA contests are now live on FanDuel. If you're familiar with FanDuel Basketball already, our WNBA contests have the exact same scoring that you're already used to. And if you're new to FanDuel hoops, just keep reading to learn the Xs and Os of building a roster and putting a winning lineup on the court.

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Coach's Corner

These 4 simple strategies will help you start winning today.

Minutes Matter

More time on the court means more opportunities to score fantasy points. Look for players who log high minutes per game to do better on the stat sheet.

Every injury is an opportunity

When a starter gets injured, look for her backup to get extra playing time and put up better stats at a lower cost.

The best offense is a bad defense

It might sound obvious, but be sure to highlight players who are up against bad defenses. For example - if the worst 3 defenses gave up an average of 8 more points per game than the best 3 defenses, then that's 8 more fantasy points distributed to the opposition - before you even factor in offensive rebounds (1.2 fantasy points) and assists (1.5 fantasy points).

Look for bad defenses

Average Points Allowed

Bottom 3 Defenses

Top 3 Defenses

Be offensive

On FanDuel, the best way to score a lot of fantasy points... is to score a lot of real-world points. Look for players on teams that score the most points per game - better offenses also have more opportunities to rack up other scoring categories like rebounds and assists.

Spot the high powered offenses

Average Points Scored

Best 3 Offenses

Worst 3 offenses

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