Roster Construction

Every player has a salary. Fill all the positions without going over the $35,000 salary cap.

Roster Breakdown:

1 Pitcher
1 Catcher / First Basemen
1 Second Basemen
1 Short Stop
1 Third Basemen
3 Outfielders
1 Utility

Scoring Guide

Here’s how you’ll score points and win cash.

W (Win)
QS (Quality Starts)
ER (Earned Run)
SO (Strike Out)
IP (Inning Pitched)

*Fractional Scoring Per Out

1B (Single)
2B (Double)
3B (Triple)
HR (Home Run)
RBI (Runs Batted In)
R (Runs)
BB (Base on Balls)
SB (Stolen Base)
HBP (Hit by Pitch)

More Ways to Win

Find the game style that’s right for you.

Play against your friends in a private league all season. With no injuries, draft busts, or waiver wires.

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Don't worry about finishing in first. Just hit the target score to split the entire prize pool with everyone else who wins.

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Our friends at numerFire are here to help you start winning.

Spend Where It Counts

The easiest way to score points in a hurry is by splurging on a top-end starting pitcher. Here’s how lineups performed in 2018 based on how much salary was spent on pitching.

Pitcher Salary of $10,000+Pitcher Salary below $10,000

Stacks on Deck

Stacking is when you use multiple players from the same team on one roster. If Xander Bogaerts doubles with Mookie Betts on third base, you get the points for Bett’s run scored and Bogaerts’s RBI. And the more players you have in your stack, the better.

Fantasy Baseball Team Stacking Advantages

Park Factors Matter

Unlike other sports, not all fields are the same in baseball. That means you need to factor in how “batter friendly” a park is – also known as a park factor – when filling out your lineups.

Rockies Score More Runs At HomeAstros Score More Runs On The Road
Stack to score big

Try the new "draft by batting order"

Now it’s easier than ever to stack one MLB teamand score big. Just tap “Draft by Batting Order”to pick a stronger team.

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