1. Choose how you play

FanDuel Classic

There are lots of ways to take on other fans. Play against thousands for huge cash prizes, one-on-one for smaller prizes, or anywhere in between. You can even play for free.

Go to the Lobby

Friends Mode

Play in a private league with your friends. Getting started is easy, and you can play for weekly and season-long cash prizes.

Start a League

How to find a contest in the FanDuel Lobby

Start with Beginner-Only contests

Learn the ropes against other FanDuel rookies — no experienced players allowed.

Beginner 50/50

$2 entry fee

Top 50% win $3.60

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Beginner Double Up

$2 entry fee

5 out of 11 fans win $4

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Beginner Mini Squeeze

$2 entry fee

Bigger prizes for top finishers

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There’s a contest for every fan

Wins come in many forms. How you play is up to you.

Keep it simple

50/50 contests
Finish in the top half, win cash. It’s that simple.

Head-to-Heads (H2H)
Take on a single opponent, winner take all.

Multiplier contests
Win 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x your money.

Go for big wins

Play in our biggest contests: high payouts, high competition.

Satellites & Qualifiers
Win your way to the most elite championships on FanDuel.

3­–100 people
Contests range in size, with your choice of entry & prize structures.

Know who you’re up against

Not ready to take on the FanDuel elite? Our most proven players are labeled as “experienced” or “highly experienced.” If you see a badge next to any FanDuel player’s username, it means that person has reached a milestone on FanDuel.


Highly Experienced

More about Experience Badges >

2. Pick your players

Set your lineup without going over the salary cap

On FanDuel, every player has a price. Pick any player you want — just stay under the salary cap.

How to set your lineup

FanDuel Strategy Center

On FanDuel, you score points when your players perform well. But every sport has it’s own unique scoring and strategies. Learn the basics of each sport before you play.

Go to Training Camp

3. Watch & win

To the victor go the spoils

The better your players do in their games, the more points you get in yours. Follow your team’s score live and see where you stand on the leaderboard.

How to check the prize pool

Play from anywhere

Download the FREE FanDuel app and take gameday with you wherever you go.