What's New

Advanced Entry

Our new ‘Advanced Entry’ feature is the fastest and easiest way to enter one lineup into multiple contests — or, enter one lineup into the same contest multiple times. ‘Advanced Entry’ mode works just like an online shopping cart. You can add or remove entries from your cart, then enter them all at once. This feature is currently available on the website, but not yet on the mobile app.

Check out a quick demo

Step 1: Create an entry for the sport and slate you want to play

Before you start adding entries to your cart, you need a lineup for that slate. If you don’t already have an lineup ready, just choose a contest, pick your players, and enter.

Step 2: Switch to Advanced Entry mode

First, select the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL tab. You can’t access ‘Advanced Entry’ mode from the ‘Featured’ contests tab because you can’t enter the same lineup across multiple sports.

Step 3: Add entries to your cart for each contest

Click the ‘plus’ button to add entries one by one, or type the number of entries you want to add directly into the box. Your total entry fees and number of entries are tracked at the bottom of the page. Once you’re ready to play, select ‘Choose Lineup’ to advance.

TIP: You can also add entries from different contest types. For example, you can freely tab from ‘Tournaments’ to ‘50/50s & Multipliers’ while adding entries as long as the contests you add have the same game slate.

Step 4: Choose which lineup you wish to enter

If you have multiple lineups for a game slate, you’ll need to choose which lineup you want to use for the entries in the shopping cart. Simply select the correct lineup, review your entry totals, then hit ‘Enter’.

That's it. Once you hit enter, you’ll see a success message to let you know your entries went through.