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About FanDuel Action

We established FanDuel Action to give our fans the tools to protect the games they love. Working together, we hope to promote sensible and fair regulations across the country that will safeguard the integrity of our games and the future of our industry.

Since its inception in 2009, FanDuel has partnered with over 30 pro sports franchises, the NBA, and more than 5 million fantasy players. And we could not have drafted a better lineup. Together, we’ve helped make fantasy sports among America’s newest and largest national pastimes. But now we need your help to ensure that fantasy sports remain legal and accessible to fans everywhere.

If you love playing fantasy sports, then please use the tools below to stay informed about our efforts to protect fantasy sports in your community.


Visit Fantasy Sports For All

Fantasy Sports For All is an advocacy group committed to protecting the rights of fantasy sports fans everywhere. Visit their website to learn about the status of fantasy sports in your state, and use their simple tools to let your state representatives know that this issue matters to you.

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