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Here’s a look at the latest on FanDuel. Be sure to check back for more new releases.

Friends Mode

Friends Mode is a new way to play FanDuel with just your friends. Now you can start a league and have your contests recur automatically. No more manually creating private contests for your friends each week. And we even track the standings for your league all season.

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Weekend Golf

In our new weekend golf contest, you can pick a lineup for the Saturday and Sunday rounds only.

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FanDuel Beat the Score

In a Beat the Score contest, you don't have to worry about finishing in first. Just hit a certain predetermined score, and you'll split the entire payout with everyone else who wins. And if no one wins, everyone gets their entry fees refunded.

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FanDuel Labs

Labs is what we’re calling our newest and most innovative game styles — from unique roster construction to unusual player pricing to downright crazy scoring rules. Just look for the Labs icon in the new ‘Game Style’ option to find a FanDuel Labs contest.

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EPL & UCL Starting Indicators

We’ve made editing your lineup easier and faster with our starting indicators. Now you’ll be able to quickly make a decision about starting certain players without worry of a sudden late scratch.

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Official DFS Scoring of the NBA

We’ve updated our fantasy basketball scoring to better reflect player performance, and partnered with the NBA to provide official DFS scoring.

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FanDuel Mini

This season, we’re excited to introduce FanDuel Mini, our newest contest format. In a Mini NFL contest, you pick just 5 players — one QB, two WRs, and two RBs. But don’t let the smaller rosters fool you, there’s nothing mini about our payouts.

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FanDuel Scout

FanDuel Scout is our FREE companion app. Scout syncs with your FanDuel account and delivers personalized news and alerts about players in your lineups. Plus, Scout has deep analytics and advanced tools that help you put your best team on the field every single week.

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Pocket Change contests

Our brand-new Pocket Change contests make cleaning the car this weekend absolutely worth it. Enter quarter and penny contests this season for a chance to win cash prizes and free entries.

WNBA Basketball

WNBA Basketball is now live in the lobby! Check out the training guide to get the next-level tips you need to get ready for tip-off.

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Late Swap

This season, we’re introducing Late Swap. In a Late Swap contest, you can edit players in your lineup until their individual games begin. Find Late Swap contests in the lobby by looking for the unlocked padlock icon marked Late Swap.

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Introducing CSV Edit

With CSV Edit, you can edit multiple lineups at one time, so you can easily update any or all of your entries based on the latest player news. Using CSV Edit is easy, just head to your Upcoming tab and click the “CSV Edit” button, then follow the instructions that pop up on screen.

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Beginner contests

Play your first FanDuel contests against other new players like you. Beginner contests are only for fans who have played fewer than 50 contests on FanDuel--no Experienced players are allowed. We offer three types of Beginner contests: 50/50s, Tournaments, and Double-Ups.

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FanDuel Soccer

Premier League & Champions League are now live on FanDuel. Like every sport on FanDuel, we’ve crafted the scoring to enhance every last play. Check out our Soccer Training Guide now — where you can learn basic strategy and see how FanDuel soccer stays true to what’s happening on the pitch.

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NHL Contest Upgrades

FanDuel hockey is back, but with a few improvements to help you hit the ice in stride. Not only can you start any starter — no more LW or RW debates — we’ve also improved live scoring, refined our scoring system to better reflect on-ice performance, and added line and starting Goalie projections. See for yourself in our NHL Training Guide.

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Experienced Player Indicators

Always know who you’re up against. Look for experienced player 'star' indicators next to a username within any contest on FanDuel - this indicates a significant amount of contests played or money won.

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Improved Player Cards

Now it’s easier than ever to execute your game plan. Our redesigned NFL player cards give you next-level stats like positional rankings, team rankings, and targets for receivers — right from the FanDuel app or site. And check the player cards for our other sports to find additional clutch features.

Head-to-Head Limits

We now limit the number of H2Hs that can be entered to ensure more variety in who you play. For NFL, everyone can create or enter a maximum of 100 NFL public H2Hs ($25 or below) per slate and per entry fee level.

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Contest Entry Limits

We've made it easier to enter contests with entry caps where no opponent can take up more than their fair share of spots. Use our new 'single-entry filter" to find contests where all players are limited to only one entry. Plus we’ve added more single entry contests than ever to the FanDuel Lobby.

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Advanced Entry

Now it's a breeze to enter the same lineup in multiple contests, or multiple times in the same contest. Our ‘advanced entry’ feature lets you add many contests to your cart and enter them all at once.

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