make history.

The original fantasy sport.
The holy grail of championships.
From the founding fathers of DFS.
Win up to $250,000
75 finalists, $1.5M in total cash
Reach ‘All-Time Great’ status
Duel with legendary guests
Live Final August 20th
VIP trip for 2 to Nashville

Welcome to the 6th annual WFBC

This is everything fantasy baseball.

It’s not just a world championship — it’s a celebration. This is where stats & sabermetrics meet millions in cash. And where you meet the greatest minds to ever crunch a box score. Let’s see how you stack up.

Enter now. Claim your spot in history.

If you know baseball, here’s your chance to prove it. No, you don’t need an advanced degree to play. Win any “Qualifier” contest below, your choice of entry amounts — then you’ll clinch a spot in the Live Finals, travel & expenses paid.

jeffeljefe won the sixth qualifier last night
liquidhippo won the fifth qualifier last night
joekali won the fourth qualifier last night
ektdar won the third qualifier last night
chripe01 won the second qualifier yesterday
joedicey won the first qualifier last night
Special guest announced soon!
$250K to first place

Legendary Paydays

All 75 finalists go home with serious cash. Sure, the memories are priceless. But you get paid for where you place:




5th - 6th
7th - 8th
9th - 11th
12th - 15th
16th - 21st
22nd - 30th
31st - 40th
41st - 50th
51st - 75th

terms and conditions

Welcome to the 2016 World Fantasy Baseball Championship (WFBC) hosted by in Nashville, TN. Here are the detailed rules for the tournament.

Contest structure

The WFBC is a daily fantasy baseball tournament with 75 entries. Users may qualify for an entry by winning one of our WFBC Qualifier contests. Multiple Qualifier contests will be available each week at a variety of entry fee levels.

The finals cash prize pool of the WFBC is $1,500,000, which will be awarded to finalists according to their performance in the live final in Nashville, TN on August 20th. Additional cash prizes may be awarded to runner-ups in in Qualifier contests.

Each Qualifier winner will also be awarded a trip package worth $3,500. Each trip package consists of $1,000 airfare credit to be used in purchasing a round-trip plane ticket to Nashville; chauffeured transfer from the airport to the hotel; two nights of hotel accommodations; entry for two to our Friday welcome reception on August 19th; and the Saturday Championship viewing party on August 20th.

The Saturday Championship viewing party will take place in Nashville, TN. Top-of-the-line audio-visual equipment will broadcast the games on the slate for the final so finalists can keep track of their lineups’ performances. Catered food and beverage will be available throughout the day as finalists and guests lounge poolside or take part in a variety of games and activities.

Finalists may qualify for entry into the WFBC up to a maximum of 3 times. A finalist who has qualified more than once shall receive the option of transferring their extra trip package to a third party OR receiving 75% of its cash value (a total of $2,625 to be deposited into their FanDuel account). Entry into the WFBC is non-transferable. Once a finalist has won three seats, he is ineligible to enter any more WFBC Qualifier contests. Either the finalist or a proxy he/she designates will be required to attend the final on August 20th.

Teams and Scoring

Standard FanDuel MLB scoring rules apply to all WFBC Qualifiers and satellites, as well as the final. In the event of a tie for first place in a qualifier, the tying first place finishers will compete in a private play-off contest. The loser of the play-off will receive the 2nd place prize of the Qualifier contest while the winner of the play-off will receive the trip package and the seat in the WFBC live final. In the event of a tie in the WFBC live Final, tied participants will split the prizes for the tied finishing positions.


The final of the WFBC is only open to players aged 18 or over by the date of the won qualifier as per FanDuel's Terms of Use ( and who complete and return to FanDuel a signed copy of the WFBC Final Affidavit of Eligibility by the deadline specified by FanDuel. Any otherwise eligible player who wins first place in a Qualifier but who does not return a completed and signed Affidavit of Eligibility by the deadline will have their finishing position swapped with the first eligible runner up. In other words, they will receive a cash prize and the runner up will receive the WFBC trip package and seat in the final, provided that the runner-up completes and return to FanDuel a signed copy of the WFBC Final Affidavit of Eligibility. A copy of the Affidavit of Eligibility can be viewed below.

All other US and Canadian residents who comply with our eligibility rules for paid entry games in our terms of service are eligible to play. Residents of Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Nevada, Texas or Washington are not eligible to enter this competition. FanDuel employees may enter the competition for testing purposes but are not eligible to win any prizes. All other US and Canadian residents who comply with our Terms of Use and our other rules (including rules for paid entry games) are eligible to play in the WFBC.

Participation in the WFBC live final, and the payment of any prize won at the final, are contingent on strict compliance with the Affidavit of Eligibility (shown below). For example, no promotion of other websites or business - of any kind - is allowed by finalists at any events hosted by FanDuel in Nashville (these include the Friday and Saturday events), unless explicit written permission has been granted by FanDuel in advance. FanDuel reserves the right to revoke attendance privileges at any event hosted by FanDuel should unauthorized promotion of a website or business take place.

Contestants will only be allowed to qualify for three seats in the WFBC live final.


All US resident WFBC finalists will be required to provide address and social security details prior to the finals event. These details will be used to file a 1099-MISC with the Internal Revenue Service for any players whose net profit on Fanduel during 2016 exceeds $600.

Publicity for WFBC Finalists

Finalists agree that their full names, location and/or photos and videos will be used for marketing purposes. They also agree to speak to bloggers and other journalists and media personnel where applicable prior to, during and after the event, and they agree to participate in additional FanDuel marketing activities, all without additional compensation. Finalists also agree that they shall refrain from any behavior or communication which would harm the image or reputation of FanDuel, the WFBC Final Events or the FanDuel user community for the duration of the World Fantasy Baseball Championship weekend (August 19th through August 21st). Furthermore, each finalist agrees that they shall not participate in any promotional or marketing-related activities for other daily fantasy websites throughout the duration of the championship.

Any finalist unprepared to adhere to this requirement will have their finishing position swapped with the first runner up of their Qualifier. In other words, they'll receive a cash prize and the runner up will receive the trip package and seat in the live final.

Additional WFBC terms and conditions

The decisions made by FanDuel management regarding, but not limited to, eligibility, winners, scoring, travel arrangement, rules, prizes and compliance with FanDuel’s standards of conduct. No correspondence will be entered into. FanDuel reserves the right to make reasonable changes to these terms, (a) to ensure the fairness of competition, and (b) in response to unanticipated developments (such as technical failures, errors, acts of God, natural disasters, terrorism, changes in applicable law, interruption in the MLB season, failure of stats provider, failure of hotel provider, and failure to obtain a minimum number of entrants).

WFBC Affidavit of Eligibility

Click the link below to download a copy of the Affidavit of Eligibility, which each qualified finalist will be required to complete in order to attend the WFBC Live Final on August 20th.

WFBC Affidavit of Eligibility

In consideration for the opportunity to participate in the World Fantasy Baseball Championship (“WFBC”), and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I agree as follows:

  • I represent that the information provided above is accurate and complete. I represent that I am eligible to participate in paid-entry contests on FanDuel as specified under Section 3 of the FanDuel Terms of Use ( I agree to bring government-issued photo identification to the WFBC Live Final Event (defined below) for FanDuel to verify my identity and date of birth.
  • I reaffirm my agreement to: The FanDuel Terms of Use, provided at; and The FanDuel WFBC Rules, provided at
  • I agree to attend the WFBC Live Final on Saturday, August 20th at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel in Nashville, TN. In the event that I am unable to attend the WFBC Final, I agree that I shall name a proxy to attend the event in my stead. Should I finish in the top three spots in the WFBC final and not supply a proxy to attend the awards ceremony, I will be eligible to receive only 50% of any prize money I otherwise would win at the WFBC Final unless I obtain the FanDuel Chief Operating Officer’s written permission by 48 hours prior to the official start time of the Saturday event. Because of anticipated media presence and the significant marketing value the Saturday event has for FanDuel, and because the value of my participation in the Saturday event cannot be calculated with precision but likely is proportional to my ranking in the results of the WFBC Final, I agree that this prize reduction is a reasonable method for compensating the company for the losses it will sustain by reason of my failure to fully participate in the Saturday event through my personal attendance or that of a named proxy.
  • I agree that I am participating in the WFBC Final Event in my personal capacity. I agree to refrain from any behavior or communication during the WFBC Final Event weekend that would harm the image, reputation or goodwill of FanDuel, the WFBC Final Events or the FanDuel user community.
  • I will participate in the following, without requesting additional compensation from FanDuel or any third party: I will speak with any interested bloggers and other journalists and media personnel throughout the WFBC Final Event, including when such personnel are recording the conversation for publication. At FanDuel’s request, I will participate in a specified number of other hours of any FanDuel marketing-related activities that FanDuel organizes (whether during the WFBC Final Events weekend or otherwise, at FanDuel’s discretion), such as participating in FanDuel marketing photo shoots or interviews with the media, and I agree that my local travel to and from such activities will take place at my own expense and will not count toward the hour total. I agree to be available for these marketing-related activities from 30 days before the WFBC Final until 90 days after it. If I win first, second or third place in the WFBC Final, the total hours for which I will be available for these activities will be up to 30. Otherwise, the total hours will be 5.
  • During the night of the WFBC Final and at the party the night before the WFBC Final, I will not participate in any promotional or marketing-related activities for other daily fantasy websites.
  • I agree that FanDuel and its service providers may use my name, any biographical information that I provide to FanDuel, image, likeness, photo, and voice for advertising, publicity, and promotional purposes before and after the WFBC Final without additional notice or compensation.
  • FanDuel and its service providers may photograph, film, videotape, record and/or portray my name, voice, portrayal, actions and/or likeness in connection with the events and activities described in this Affidavit of Eligibility (“Images”). I grant FanDuel ownership of any copyright or other rights I may have in the Images. I grant FanDuel an irrevocable, perpetual and unrestricted right to publish, distribute, copy, perform and otherwise use in any manner the Images and derivative works thereof, in conjunction with my own or a fictitious name, or without any name, and in conjunction with any biographical information that I have provided to FanDuel, or without any such biographical information, in any medium, and in all media now or hereafter known, including over the Internet, for promotion, advertising, trade or commerce, or for any other purpose whatsoever. I also grant FanDuel an irrevocable, perpetual and unrestricted right to publish and otherwise use my name for such purposes, whether or not in connection with the Images. I consent to the digital compositing or distortion of the Images, including any changes or alterations as to color, size, shape, perspective, context, foreground or background or associated audio. I also consent to the use of any published matter in conjunction with such Images. I waive any right that I may have to inspect or approve the finished product or products and the advertising copy or other matter that may be used in connection with the Images or my name or the use to which they may be applied. I release and discharge FanDuel and its service providers and assigns from any liability in connection with their use of the Images or my name, including without limitation any claims for libel or violation of any right of publicity or privacy. This grant of rights is binding upon me and my heirs, estate, legal representatives, and assigns.