Here's How the Bears Can Trade Up to the First Round And Solve Their Offensive Line Problem

Zach Brunner
Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears
Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The 2019 Chicago Bears season was a complete disappointment, underachieving in most categories. Many had them as possible Super Bowl contenders, but offensive struggles held the team back. While there are many directions to point the finger for the reason for offensive struggles, it became obvious that the offensive line was an issue that needed to be addressed.

Heading into 2020, the Chicago front line will look a bit different, missing long-time starter Kyle Long. This leaves a massive hole at right guard, and the Bears will need to address this in the NFL Draft. But with no first-round draft picks, due to the trade Khalil Mack, Chicago needs to find a way back into the first day.

Chicago does have two picks in the Round 2, though. With possession of the 43rd and 50th overall picks, the Bears are in prime position to get into the first day action. Chicago also has a fifth-round pick, two picks in the sixth and two more in the seventh.

It seems like Chicago could easily offer their two second-round draft picks for a first-round pick and another one in the later rounds. While it may seem tough to give up two picks in the top-50, it makes sense for a team like the Bears, who are solid overall, but are weak in one or two areas. Should they get a quality right guard in the draft and the quarterback play improves, this team would likely find themselves in the conversation to win the NFC North yet again.

Trading into the first round makes the most sense if the Bears plan to draft Cesar Ruiz out of Michigan. He is an interior lineman with great feet and the power to create lanes inside for the Chicago running game. He also has the versatility to play both guard and center, another trait that should make him that much more attractive of a target.

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