Slingo Advance - FanDuel Casino Review


Reach for the stars and win big in this video slot powered by Slingo Originals. Slingo Advance features five (5) reels and 12 fixed paylines. Drawing inspiration from the retro style of the ’80s, this slot game promises an unforgettable cosmic adventure. Slingo Advance has an RTP of 95% and a jackpot round where you can win up to 10,000x your bet!

How to Play Slingo Advance 

To begin the game, you have to select your preferred bet amount by clicking on the ‘Stake’ tab at the left corner of the screen. The minimum bet is $0.20 and can be increased to $25. Take note that there may be variations in the min and max bet on different websites. After doing this, click on the ‘Spin’ tab for the game to begin.

The goal of Slingo games is to achieve a line made up of 5 numbers positioned diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. Slingo Advance even takes the notch higher, and players have to complete a ‘T’ or ‘X’ shape. 

Once the spins start, the five (5) numbers generated on the reels are displayed under the 5x5 grid. In most Slingo games, players can match numbers across the grid, but in Slingo Advance, Level 1 begins once you make the first turn; and you will proceed to Level 2 once you match one number, and the position is marked with a star.

If you match less than the required numbers to progress to a level, the game ends. Your top priority is to get to Level 5 to increase your chances of landing a jackpot.

Slingo Advance Visuals and Sounds

Slingo Advance features simple, clean graphics that are reminiscent of the ’80s. The game is set against a starry sky with a cosmic atmosphere that complements the space theme of the game. The screen is dominated by bright purple and neon blue, giving the otherworldly visuals a cosmic feel. The stars sparkle brilliantly, and the colors are changed randomly. The game features an upbeat cosmic soundscape, which is similar to the soundtrack in many 80’s arcade games.

Special Features

Respin Bonus Rounds

Although Slingo Advance features five (5) reels and 12 paylines, they do not serve the same functions as typical reels. The game starts with the first spin, activating Level 1. Once you get a match here, Level 2 is activated, and the reels are respun.

Getting two matches on Level 2 activates Level 3, and the reels are respun a second time. Then three matches on Level 3 trigger Level 4 and respin the reels again. Lastly, Level 5 is unlocked by getting three matches on Level 4, and the reels are respun again.

Joker Multiplier

The joker icon often appears on the reels. Once this happens, you can select all the numbers above them in the grid column. A star will substitute any number you choose, which is quite useful as you’ll discover. If you create the requested shape, you stand a chance to win 1 out of 5 Slingo Advance Jackpots.

The shapes and their corresponding values remain unchanged throughout this round. The vertical and diagonal shapes pay 50x and 100x respectively while ‘X’, ‘T’ and Full House earns you 1000x, 2500x, and 10,000x respectively.

Advance feature

The Advance symbol, appearing on the middle reel only, is represented by a pink triangle. Once it is shown on the reels, the subsequent level after the present active level is unlocked. You can only play Advance if you have exhausted all your standard spins, free spins, and respins. 

Extra Spins

With this feature, you can pay for free spins in games from Level 2 and subsequent levels. Once you have used up other options, you’ll receive 8 Extra Spins. Each spin comes at a price. Not only can these features help you progress faster in the game, but it also increases your total stake exponentially.

Advance Blocker (Red ‘X’)

This feature is the least popular because it acts like a reverse Joker Multiplier. While the Joker Multiplier allows you to select the numbers above the symbols, the Advance blocker prevents you from matching any number once it lands anywhere on the 5x5 grid.


Slingo Advance is an enjoyable slot game that introduces a unique variation to the catalog of available slot games in most casinos. Although the game seems complicated initially, you will discover that the game is not complex once you start to play. With its charming retro-style, fair RTP, and the potential to land huge jackpots, we give this video slot game a good rating.

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