Royal Spins - Fanduel Casino Review

Olufifun Adeleke

Unquestionably, the medieval era was an unusual time with different cultures and preferences. There was a king who reigned over a vast kingdom and loyal knights who did his bidding. He lived in a stone castle and gave commands to keep the peace in his kingdom. That is the theme around which the casino slot Royal Spins was built.

Royal Spins is a casino slot game that was developed and released in 2018 by IGT, a top casino software provider in the casino industry today. Knowing the obsession of modern humans with medieval times, IGT lets you sit on a throne as the player and secure your winnings.

It features five (5) reels and five (5) paylines with an RTP of up to 95%. It is quite a simple game with genuine winning chances for all players, including the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot. Also, Royal Spins was designed with free spins and other kinds of fun bonuses. 

How to Play Royal Spins Slot

There are five (5) paylines on Royal Spins, and they pay both left to right and right to left. You can also determine the number of active paylines. There are guaranteed wins on every bonus spin; however, you need to learn how to master the bonus rounds.

The minimum stake here is 0.50 per spin, but you can choose higher options of up to 50, which is the maximum. There is a crown bonus that is activated when the crown symbol shows up on at least three (3) consecutive reels. The bonus consists of up to ten free spins, which can be triggered again for even more freebies.

Here, you can win up to 200x your stake at once. Five cherries in an active line mean you have won a jackpot. Also, look out for Red Sevens because if they appear here, the worth of your Jackpot is multiplied by the number of sevens that show up.

Royal Spins Slot Visuals and Sounds

Although it does not have revolutionary visuals or sounds, Royal Spins offers excellent graphics that portray the theme of the game. The background is a stone wall, which is reminiscent of medieval castles in which royalty lived. The reels are also a rich purple color, corresponding with what was the royal color of the day.

The symbols of the game are mostly traditional fruits, including cherries, oranges, and plums. There are also gold bells and red sevens, with gold crowns, to add to the royal theme of the game. Overall, you get a retro feel that is obvious in the design and the quality of the game itself.

There is no spectacular melody that plays in the background while you play, but bonuses like free spins come with their unique sounds. Together, all these will give you a classic casino gameplay experience.


The maximum win on IGT’s Royal Spins is 10,000 points. The Jackpot works with a sort of progression that is influenced by many factors. It is triggered by a unique combination of Red Sevens and cherries on the reels.

When a lucky Red Seven appears on the same pay line as a winning combination, a coin is deposited into your vault. The more Red Sevens you get, the more the number of coins that get stored in the vault. The coins can only be retrieved when you secure a five-cherry win.

It is different from regular progressive jackpots, but it is enough motivation to keep you going on the reels. The other symbols in different combinations come with their benefits too. For instance, five (5) plums add 100 coins to your account, five (5) oranges give you 50 coins, and the prize of five gold bells is 500.

Special Features

A variety of remarkable features make the Royal Spins casino slot game the distinguished slot that it is. It is simple yet attractive; visuals and basic symbols are easy on the eyes. Newbies will also find it easy to play and can begin to cash out in no time.

It is impressive that although there are no wild symbols in this game, the scatters do an excellent job of multiplying bets. Bonuses are also easy to get and pay out chances are high for every player.


IGT did an average job with the Royal Spins casino slot, giving gamers enough to keep them engaged with attractive graphics, exciting bonuses, and other fascinating features. The game is available on both mobile and desktop sites.

It is also compatible with devices with Android and iOS operating systems. The quality of the game is maintained everywhere, and all features and rewards that are accessible on the desktop version are available on mobile too. No matter the bet level that you’re comfortable with, Royal Spins has something for you. So, sit back and begin to take in those winnings today.

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