New Casino Games Spotlight: Terrific Tiger Coin Combo Slot

Olufifun Adeleke

If you love slot machines, and you haven’t checked out Terrific Tiger Coin Combo Slot, then you’re missing a lot. This real money slot machine from SG Digital is available on FanDuel Casino, and will be giving an in-depth review on it. First you should know that this amazing slot machine is a Chinese-themed game and can pay up to 11,973x your stake  not only that it is a progressive jackpot game.

This real money slot from SG Digital can be played on mobile and your PC. Terrific Tiger Coin Combo slot has many symbols and paying features. In this review, we will look closely at all of them including how to play this real money slot machine.

How to Play Terrific Tiger Coin Combo Slot

If you’re a slot fan, then you already know how slot machines work. Terrific Tiger Coin Combo isn’t so different in terms of gameplay. However, you should know that it comes in a 5 reel layout and unlike standard slots, this game has 243 paylines. Well, that’s a lot of winning ways which is good. It means, you’ll be able to match symbols in any part of the reels to get a payout. 

Terrific Tiger Coin Combo slot has the usual control features.  You can either set your wager manually or take advantage of the autoplay control. As a result, you can set the game to spin as many times as you want without touching a button.

Also, this real money slot machine has a stacked coins button that expands the + and - modifiers. You can set your wager between 22¢ to up to $20. This game has an RTP of 96.15% and a medium volatility, so it will be great for both new and experienced players. To know how much the game pays especially when you match symbols, check the pay table on the settings tab.

Terrific Tiger Coin ComboSlot Visuals and Sounds

Terrific Tiger Coin Combo slot is the third game in this series from SG Digital. The game is inspired by Eastern Asian culture and is set on a backdrop of a bamboo forest. You’ll appreciate the scenery on your screen which shows a clean lake that partitions the bamboo forest and the bridge. In the background, the music playing is the sound of harps and other stringed instruments. You’ll get this oriental feel when you play the Terrific Tiger Coin Combo slot.

In addition to its aesthetics, the game features lots of beautiful symbols that complement its theme. You’ll see the main character which is the Tiger, and other symbols like the scrolls, porcelain vases, gold coins, hand fans, gold décor, etc. Terrific Tiger Coin Combo also features the usual royal cards from 8 to Az with the exception of 10.

Jackpot on Terrific Tiger Coin Combo Slot 

If you are able to trigger the Terrific Tiger Coin Combo jackpot, you will get up to 15 hidden coins. The coins usually have the prizes displayed on them. So if you’re able to match three FU Babies, you will get a jackpot win. As mentioned earlier, Terrific Tiger Coin Combo is a progressive jackpot game. You can trigger the Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpot.

The jackpot pays the following:

Mini – 23.15x
Minor – 57.87x
Major – 231.48x
Grand - 1,157.41x

So if you’re lucky to trigger all four jackpot picks, then you can get a maximum payout of 11,973x your stake. You need to get three upgrade icons if you are to progress to another jackpot. If you’re lucky to get the upgrade icons even after you trigger the Grand Jackpot, you will get twice the payout.

Special Features of Terrific Tiger Coin Combo Slot  

If you’re lucky to match 3 or more symbols on any of the active 243 paylines, you’ll get a payout in the Terrific Tiger Coin Combo slot. The low paying symbols which are the card royals have values between 0.046x to up to 0.18x your stake. Other higher paying symbols can payout up to 1.39x your stake. The hand fan is the most valuable symbol in the game as it pays 1.85x your stake. These payouts can change especially when you trigger special features in the game.

There is a junk boat that is the wild symbol and it can substitute for other symbols on the reels. This wild also bars the Element Coins in the game. The element coins are the Green, Blue, and Red coins. If you’re lucky to find these, you can trigger one container per spin.

  • Blue (Mighty) – gives you 6 free spins +2x your stake.
  • Green (Mega) – 6 free spins + 3x your stake.
  • Red – Activates the Jackpot 
  • Blue & Green (Super) – 6 free spins +4x your stake.
  • Blue & Red (Ultra) – 6 six free spins+2x + jackpot 
  • Green & Red (Supreme) – 6 free spins , x3 wilds, and a jackpot.
  • Green & Red & Blue – ultimate bonus round + 4x + jackpot.

Is Terrific Tiger Coin Combo a good online slot game?

On a final note, you can play this amazing SG Digital game on FanDuel Casino. Terrific Tiger Coin Combo slot is a fantastic game and you wouldn’t want to miss it. The real money slot machine offers a fantastic gaming experience, and if you’re lucky you can win all jackpots in the Terrific Tiger Coin Combo slot. With its 96.15% RTP and medium volatility, this game is recommended for all levels of players.

Please note: Some FanDuel casino games may not yet be available in your state, or on your preferred app. Please check your iOS/Android app and visit or for announcements about the latest casino games available.