New Casino Games Spotlight: Goldfish Feeding Time Treasure

Olufifun Adeleke

If you loved Finding Nemo, you should check out this amazing slot machine from Light & Wonder. Gold Fish Feeding Time Treasure is a new game with an aquamarine theme. Recently there's been a good number of classic fish tank games, but you'll certainly like this one. This Light & Wonder slot machine come with lots of paying features, and you can play this real money online slot  at FanDuel Casino.

Gold Fish Feeding Time Treasure slot comes in a 5 by 6 layout with 50 paylines. Players will encounter features like the jackpot prizes, free spins, and other bonuses. If you're lucky in this game, you twint he maximum payout of 2378x your stake.

How to Play Goldfish Feeding Time Treasure

The Gold Fish Feeding Time Treasure slot has a simple gameplay, and its RTP is around 95.89%. This slot machine is considered to be a medium volatile game, and its hit frequency is about 28.57%. As a result, the probably that when you make at least 90 spins, you can be lucky to trigger the free spins feature.

You can set your bet between 20¢ to up to $20 per spin when playing Goldfish Feeding Time Treasure slot. Like most slot machines, this game has its control settings. You can set the automatic spin button and the volume settings. You can also study the paytable to know how much the symbols pay in the game. Anytime you make a spin and land 3 to 5 symbols from left to right on an active payline, you win. 

Goldfish Feeding Time Treasure Slot Visuals and Sounds

Gold Fish Feeding Time Treasure slot is set on a backdrop of an aquarium. You'll admire the aesthetics of this game with its beautiful marine life. This slot has a fantastic design with beautiful plants, rocks, and fishes complementing it's theme. Apart from the background image, the symbols in the game is based on the water life. You'll find symbols like fishes, turtles, water plants, and the four royal cards. There's also a treasure chest, Wild and other unique symbols in the game. 

You'll get to see a beautiful view of life at the bottom of the sea when you play Goldfish Feeding Time Treasure slot. In addition to its beautiful visuals, the music playing in the background has a Jamaican tune that complements the game.

Jackpot on Goldfish Feeding Time Treasure Slot

Another thing you should know about this Light & Wonder real money slot machine is that it is a progressive jackpot game. It has four different jackpots from Mini, Minor, Major, to the Grand Jackpot.

You can trigger these jackpots if you find the feeder scatters in the game. Here's what you get for each jackpot:

  • Mini Jackpot = 10x
  • Minor Jackpot = 25x
  • Major Jackpot = 100x
  • Grand Jackpot = 1000x

Special Features of Goldfish Feeding Time Treasure

In addition to the progressive jackpot prizes, players will also get rewards for activating the special symbols in the game. Some of the unique features in Goldfish Feeding Time Treasure slot include:

Wild Symbols

The Wild is one of the major symbols in this game and it can be a substitute for other symbols. The only exception is the feeder symbol which is the Scatter. With the wild, you'll be able to make more winning combos in the game.

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol is the feeder and comes in three colors, yellow, red, and green. If you can find 3 or more of the scatter, you can trigger the bonus round. Also, if you land the feeder symbol that has the same color as the fish symbol, it will grow the fish symbol on in the bowl.

Free Spins

The free spins feature is activated by the scatter symbol. You'll get free spins when you are able to match the same scatter color with a fish symbol and it grows. This will trigger the bonus game. Also, if you're able to land some scatters randomly, it can cause different bowls to explore. When this happens,  you'll see coins above the reels with different prizes. This could be any of the following:

  • Bet Multiplier Coins  (that pay 1X, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 10x, 15x, 25x, 30x or 40x)
  • Bonus Spins Coins (to get 2 to 4 free spins)
  • Wild Coins (to get 6 to 9 small wild symbols)
  • Jackpot Coins

Is Goldfish Feeding Time Treasure a good Slot?

This real money slot is definitely a game worth playing. You can try out Goldfish Feeding Time Treasure slot yourself to see why everyone is playing this game. If you're lucky, maybe you could trigger the Jackpots and win a massive payout of 2378x your stake. You'll appreciate everything Light & Wonder put into this game, from its design, to its gameplay and the fantastic gaming experience.

One thing is certain, Goldfish Feeding Time Treasure slot is a fantastic online casino game. You can play this slot at FanDuel Casino along with other aquatic slot machines.

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