New Casino Games Spotlight: Elements: The Awakening

Olufifun Adeleke

Elements: The Awakening is an engaging and enticing video slot game by NetEnt, carrying 20 paylines. The game is inspired by naturally occurring elements: earth, air, water, and fire. While there are no scatters or multipliers in this slot, it offers bonus features that offer cash winnings. Element: The Awakening is a real money online slot for players looking to make some cash while having fun.

How to Play Elements: The Awakening

You would be unraveling the mystery of the universe’s four elements in this slot. To begin, you have to choose a bet level from one through ten and a coin value for your bet. You must spin the reel after selecting your bet from your preferred payline.

To win in this slot, you must land a minimum of three matching symbols on any of the twenty paylines. Note that the symbols must be adjacent to each other on the reel and must begin on the first reel.

Elements: The Awakening Slot Visuals and Sounds

Elements: The Awakening offers immersive and mesmerizing gameplay with science fiction-inspired graphics. The four elements—fire, water, earth, and air—are represented as cute hatchlings and egg forms.

When the reels are still, each hatchling displays an animation. For instance, the cute water baby blows bubbles, and the air baby chips and flaps its wings. In the background, a volcano represents fire; a lake, water; sturdy rock formations, earth; and mountain peaks, air.

The surrounding areas of these elements light up when the Energy Meter hits three. From here, you can get free spins and other distinct bonuses. 

The soundscape is a cinematic track that blends with futuristic graphics to give the slot more excitement. 

Special Feature of Elements: The Awakening


On reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, you can find the six-sided wild. The faces of each element’s adult forms are located on its four outer sides. These forms move forward to call the creatures during the free falls in a beautiful animation. 


Instead of spinning, the reels plummet to the ground, and the winning combo symbols burst to release their energy. Afterwards, the symbols are replaced with ones that fall from the sky.


Red denotes fire, blue denotes water, yellow represents earth, and purple stands for air. All four elements are color-coded throughout the game.

Energy Meter

The play button monitors the energy of the substances that erupt during avalanches and changes color accordingly. Four avalanche-tracking notches in the shape of diamonds are located above the play button. The diamonds light up depending on whatever element gives the most energy, and you enter a free-fall phase.

Free Falls

Each mode has 10 free falls with an unlimited number of avalanches. The modes are:

  • Fire Storm: Wilds can move either vertically or horizontally to the left and right.
  • Water Storm: Wilds move to cover the full length of the reel.
  • Earth Storm: Wilds remain on the reel for successive avalanches but break apart after aiding three winning paylines.
  • Air Storm: two Wilds stay on the reel set throughout the feature but move positions after avalanches or free falls.

Is Elements: The Awakening a Profitable slot?

Elements: The Awakening offers an RTP of 96.02%, which falls within the industry average. The slot also offers a maximum payout of 5000x your stake. Elements: The Awakening can therefore be said to be an online casino real money slot. This slot can be an option for folks looking to play slots for real money.

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