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King Of Atlantis - FanDuel Casino Review

Olufifun Adeleke

If you’re searching for the coolest slot games, then you'd want to check out the King of Atlantis by IGT. The King of Atlantis is a five-row, five-reel, 40-payline slot game that keeps you (and your bankroll) entertained! If you’re a mythology buff, try out the game’s amazing take on the mythology of the ancient Greek god, Poseidon.

How To Play King Of Atlantis

The online slot game revolves around the King of Atlantis, the god Poseidon. The game shows Poseidon, a red-head mermaid, a crown, a harp, a dolphin, and lots of other artifacts. Atlantis is home to Poseidon and his other ocean subjects.

When playing King of Atlantis, look out for the wilds. Wilds are gigantic Poseidon symbols that come up on the 2nd and 4th reels only. However, after it comes up, the wild duplicates its symbols on the 3rd and 5th reels of the slot. These wilds can earn players more money when they appear on the game.

The game lets you take control by offering you the option of selecting the number of wilds that appear on reels during the game. The wilds are split into 20, 40, and 60 wilds. The higher the wilds, the better your chances of winning big. However, the higher the wild, the larger your stakes on the game. Twenty (20) wilds stakes are from 40 cents to $800 per spin; for 40 wilds, stakes are from 65 cents to $1300 per spin, and for 60 wilds, stakes are from 90 cents to $1800 per spin.

The wilds are usually worth the stakes when the wins start building up. The game also offers you a Poseidon free spinning bonus; a total of eight free spins. The free spins are given after getting the bonus scatter on the first reel and also a gigantic wild on the second or fourth reel simultaneously on a single spin.

King Of Atlantis Visuals And Sounds

King of Atlantis offers players a fun, free, and classic feel through its well-defined cartoon colors. The online casino game has two divisions; an outer platform, and an inner platform. The outer platform depicts the ocean’s depth littered with gold and other treasures presumed to belong to Poseidon. The inner platform has cartoon-styled animations of Poseidon holding a trident, dolphins, rings, harps, crowns, mermaid, and other artifacts. The developers placed the control keys underneath the inner platform for ease of operation during the game.

The slot has a suspenseful sound giving the effect on the players. The sounds are hasty and loud, letting the shrills get out of your skin while playing.

When you win, Poseidon makes a loud noise indicating a big win from the play. The sounds are generally user-friendly and do not depict any form of discomfort to users or neighbors. It creates the intended curiosity to want to play more while making big wins in the process.


Jackpots are a very significant part of the play for every gamer. On the King of Atlantis, the big wins aren't left out. The red-haired mermaid provides the biggest win over any combination of the game. The five matching combinations to one of the 40 paylines would give you a 250 coins win; this is followed closely by the dolphins with 200 coins for a five-matching combination. That's not all; if you get the gigantic wilds to match on the second and fourth reels, you get more coins depending on how large your wild is. 

Special Features


In the King of Atlantis, Poseidon stands as the wild symbol. He looks elderly with a white beard and has a trident. He occupies two reels and gives you payouts when it appears on the second and third reels.

Free Spins

The trident is the bonus symbol. The golden three-pronged spear carried by Poseidon can only appear on the first reel. Once done, eight free spins are triggered, allowing you to play for free on the platform.


The King of Atlantis is a great game you should definitely try out. Aside from the best visual and sound experience, the game offers you Greek mythology and also caters to your adventurous cravings while making big wins in the process. The online slot game is fun and easy to play.

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