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FanDuel Review - Wheel of Fortune: Winning Words

Olufifun Adeleke

Wheel of Fortune: Winning Words has been a great hit since it was launched in 2017 by IGT. The developer is not one to stick to the norm or doggedly follow behind the trend, which is evident in this game. With just a wheel and stellar 3D graphics, this instant win machine looks like something out of a TV show.

Well, it actually is. This game was developed based on the popular game show, Wheel of Fortune. However, Winning Words takes the classic Wheel of Fortune up a notch with lots of free spins, multipliers, and a 93% RTP.

Players don’t need to have any technical knowledge of playing wheel games to have fun with this one. The objective is simple; you need to match individual letters to letters in your assigned word. After a round or two, you could practically play with your eyes closed - figuratively speaking, of course.

How To Play Wheel of Fortune: Winning Words

Like many other IGT games, to begin your run through the Wheel of Fortune, you start by placing bets. Different bet options are available, ranging from $1 to $10. You can click the left arrow icon on the control tab to lower the stake and the right arrow icon to increase it. After you have placed your bet, your game screen will display three different words. A prize wheel with three arrows (one arrow to one word) will also appear on the screen, with each arrow pointing to an amount. Note that on every spin of the wheel, the arrows will land on differing amounts, and each time that will correspond to the amount each word will award. In this way, there are 243 ways to win.

Right after the wheel comes to a halt, and the three words have a prize on them, 12 random cards will pop up in the “YOUR LETTERS” section. All the cards are placed facedown and contain single letters with cash amounts. Click on the cards to reveal the letters underneath. When letters from the cards match any letter in the words you were given, it is highlighted. There is a prize for every highlighted letter.

Hence with each highlighted letter, a specific amount is placed in your winnings. When you find all the letters in a word, you win the prize assigned to the word. Finally, the game ends when all the cards have been revealed. 

It’s even more straightforward in practice. Instead of clicking through each card, you can reveal all the letters at once using the Auto reveal option. The option will remain in play until the game ends, but you can click on the stop icon to take over manually and continue your gameplay.

Wheel of Fortune Visuals and Sounds

Wheel of Fortune: Winning Words is set in the night time, with a sky full of stars. This makes for a pleasant sight, in addition to the other animated colors that can be seen in the game’s background. The wheel is placed directly in the center of the screen to ensure you keep your eyes on the prize.

The 3D graphics are exceptional, and although the game is bold and vibrant, it manages not to take away from the actual gameplay. The game stays true to its TV show inspiration, with game sounds consisting of the Wheel of Fortune theme music, crowd cheers, and lots of clapping. The visuals and sounds make you feel like you are actually on a live game show.

Special Features

The special feature in Wheel of Fortune: Winning Words is the multiplier feature that is activated after a word is completed. Six multiplier options are placed on the wheel, and you stand the chance of winning any of them. When you spin the wheel, whatever multiplier you land on will be applied to your overall game winnings.


Wheel of Fortune: Winning Words is an exciting game with simple and fun gameplay. It is unique, which is something the software developer, IGT, brings to the table every time. The amazing backdrop and music will transport you to the TV show realm in an instant, and the numerous ways to win mechanism is an added plus. The game is also open to players with different bankroll sizes as the betting range is very accommodating. With an RTP (Return to Player) of 93%, you are sure to have more than a few profitable gaming sessions. We highly recommend that you give it a go, and we can guarantee you will enjoy it!

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