FanDuel Review - Wheel of Fortune: On Tour

Olufifun Adeleke

IGT is at it again with another mind-blowing version of the popular TV show "Wheel of Fortune". "Wheel of Fortune" is a well-loved brand amongst players, hence the addition of another to the other existing games is highly welcome.

This game simply takes the "Wheel of Fortune" in a Winnebago across different states in America and the more states visited, the more money won. And you just might hit a bag of gold along the way. Get on the bus and let's take a tour through the Wheel of Fortune!

How to Play Wheel of Fortune: On Tour

Wheel of Fortune on Tour is a classic five reels and three-row video slot with 30 fixed paylines. To get on the bus to your fortune, start by placing your bets. Use the left arrow icon to reduce bet value and the right arrow icon to increase it. When placing bets, you have to get across all 30 paylines which requires 50 coins. Out of the 50 coins, 30 coins are used across the 30 paylines and the remaining 20 coins are used for the bonus features.

After placing your bets, click on the SPIN icon and get on the bus. You can also use the AUTO SPIN feature; these spins are based on your bet value. It stops when you click on the STOP icon or when the set number of spins has been reached. To win, match three symbols across the reels.

The game symbols include landmarks from America such as the Alamo, Mount Rushmore, Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, a Hollywood star, and the Wheel of Fortune logo. Other symbols to help your trip include the key, an archaic map, and Route 66 sign.

Wheel of Fortune: On Tour Visuals and Sounds

The visuals of this instant win machine are nothing like the TV show. Wheel of Fortune on Tour backdrop shows shining stars and palm trees with the transparent reels on the screen. The 3D game title is written in gold and situated above reels. All the symbols are in 3D and are animated. Game transitions into the bonus feature are also great.

The sound of the game is the usual Wheel of Fortune game sound. Additional sound is getting a "Wheel of Fortune" cheer from the audience when you get a bonus feature, just like on the TV show. Other sounds in this game match the theme of the game with engine sounds, toots, and sounds specific to the locations visited.

Special Features

Wheel of Fortune on Tour has several special features that are all activated based on the levels of the game.

Wheelmobile Wilds Feature

This is like a consolation prize which can be triggered at any point on spins that do not have a bonus feature in the first reel. When triggered, the wheelmobile rides across the screen as the reels continue to spin and randomly picks one to four symbols (except the Wild or Bonus feature). The symbols chosen are converted to wilds. What this means is that across the grid, there are 1 to 4 wilds. Having this in the game can lead to pretty huge wins!

Level Up Plus Feature

The Level Up Plus feature can be found in other games by IGT such as Nordic Horses. This generally means that the longer your journey, the more features you unlock. To make your journey last long, you need to get more fuel. You can track your fuel level with the fuel gauge at the lower left of the screen. To keep refilling your fuel tank, you need to collect fuel points.

Whenever a wheelmobile appears on the screen, if it does not trigger a bonus game, it activates a fuel point. To fully fill the fuel tank, 10 fuel points are required. If 5 wheelmobiles appear on the first, third, and fifth reels, the fuel tank is filled up. When the fuel tank is full, it moves your bus forward on the map. The more fuel tanks filled, the more your bus moves across the map and you go to a higher level. This goes on until you get to the bonus wheel.

On Tour Bonus

This feature is activated when three wheelmobiles are seen anywhere on the first, third, and fifth wheels. Rewards gotten from the On Tour bonus are multiplied by the value of the reel spin that activated the feature. When the fuel tank is filled, the wheelmobile moves forward on the map; and moves are equivalent to the fuel tank. As the wheelmobile lands on bonus features on the map, they are activated. When the fuel tank is exhausted, you can spin the On Tour Bonus wheel and earn more prizes.

Free Play Free Spins Bonus

When this bonus is awarded, three free spins are obtained. This bonus is activated after 5 miles. During the first free spin, whatever symbol picked at random is converted to a wild. Another symbol is converted to a wild in the second free spin and a third symbol is converted to a wild in the last free spin.

Letter Board Picker

This gets activated after 25 miles. This feature gives you 3 picks with the multiplier value set at 1x. You pick a letter out of WHEEL OF FORTUNE to reveal a prize which can be up to 10x your initial bet value, more multipliers, more picks, +1 pick/1x bet value. You are open to getting a maximum of 7 picks which can give you up to 5x multipliers. Afterward, the bonus prizes earned are added together then multiplied by the bet value and the multiplier.

Spin to Win

When you hit this, you get to pick a letter from the word WHEEL which reveals the award for this bonus. The award can be between 30x to 400x your bet. After picking a letter, you spin the wheel and then choose to either accept or reject the value the wheel lands on. Once you accept the value, that signifies the end of the bonus. If you are not satisfied with the bonus, you can keep spinning till you get a satisfactory value.

Bonus Trigger Boost

This triggers the On Tour bonus when at least one bonus feature is displayed on the third reel or the fifth reel.


This game might seem complex but once you start playing, you get used to it and enjoy the ride. This slot has intriguing gameplay and will keep you glued to your screen. Now add the numerous bonuses and cash prizes available to be won. Wheel of Fortune: On Tour ensures that your bankroll does not get empty. Like always, IGT sets the bar high.

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