Double Bonus Spin Roulette - FanDuel Casino Review


The online casino industry is experiencing an overhaul with the release of IGT’s Double Bonus Spin Roulette. Enjoy the thrills of the regular roulette with a lucrative twist that makes this online roulette game a top contender in the gaming world. It is laced with a bonus feature where you can grab up to 1,200x your entire wager.

One look at its layout and you’ll think it is another American Roulette setup with the numbers 1 to 36, as well as the single and double zeros all lined out. With the usual two zero slots, a yellow pocket that fetches you that huge win sits pretty with the letter B, and triggers the bonus round.

The RTP of Double Bonus Spin Roulette is set at 98.06% which is very rewarding for players. This game can be played on all mobile devices running the IOS Android OS platforms, and PCs. If you’re not a fan of app downloads, enjoy the game on their optimized site with your mobile browser.

How To Play Double Bonus Spin Roulette

To set the wheels in motion, select the desired chip size from the range below the screen, and choose the choice betting spots on the betting table. For the game, a minimum of one chip is needed to spin the roulette. When you’re sure of your wager amount, press the spin button to start the game. Predict where the ball will land on the wheel after the spin to win. All winning bets placed on that spot will be paid out according to the paytable, which is accessed below the screen.

To set up more than one bet, use the green and the white control buttons to set up the number of bets you want to play. Set the wagering conditions, and use the white button to multiply the bets. To reduce the number of bets, use the white button. To clear the entire bets, use the white x button.

The bet types available on a regular roulette wheel are here including Bonus, Red/Black, Split Bets, and Dozens. The setup is also similar to the regular setup, with the addition of a yellow pocket, so you can use your tested strategy to cash out good.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette Visuals and Sounds

The visual effects and graphics of the Double Bonus Spin Roulette game are colorful. There is a green table with a roulette wheel and lots of chips of varying financial strengths which accounts for the comparison.

The setup has two betting boards, a smaller one with numbers to place bets, and a roulette wheel with 36 pockets, and a bonus yellow pocket. With the yellow pocket, the bonus round is easy to trigger, increasing your chances to cart away the jackpot. The game is highly responsive, and we played it with relish.

There’s the familiar and delightful sound associated with the American Roulette game. Its melodious sounds are a gyrating beat and will spur you on to jackpot wins. If you’re not in the mood for sounds, IGT has you covered. There’s a button beside the paytable to toggle the sounds on or off.

Special Features on Double Bonus Spin Roulette

Trigger the bonus round when the ball lands in the yellow pocket. Be assured that your initial payout before the bonus round will be paid. In this round, the wheel will expand into two wheels. They both spin, and whichever numbers the ball touches will be accumulated as winning figures for you.

The bonus will pay your bets based on the numbers accumulated during this round. That’s not all, if the ball rests in the yellow pocket, there’s an additional prize. Land the yellow on one wheel, and rake in 120x your bet. If the double yellow pockets are hit, a whooping 1,200 your wager is yours.

A major feat for this bonus round is that for every spin you take in the bonus round, you’re getting free spins without hitting the spin button, and a chance to double your wins for all bets placed in the base game. You can’t get these additional features in many brick-and-mortar casinos.

Is Double Bonus Spin Roulette Online Casino Game Worth it?

There are not many online roulette games that can give you the chance to win more than the expected winnings in a base game. Double Bonus Spin Roulette is a highly interactive game that is sure to keep players entertained for hours. This game can be played by all punters with different financial strengths. If you love roulette games, especially the American version, go ahead and give this game a trial at FanDuel Casino!

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