Can You Win Money Playing Online Slots?

Olufifun Adeleke

Slots are the most popular game played at online casinos. There have been notable wins from this game. However, some people still wonder if the game is rigged. Not many people have seen actual winners and this leaves them with questions.

The reason most people play casino games is to win money. Slots, however, are one of the easiest games to play whether online or at a traditional casino.  It doesn’t require much skill to play the game. All you need to do is land matching symbols on the reels. As a result, the number of people playing online slots has risen. For this reason, we want to answer the pressing question, “Can you win money playing online slots?”

What is a Random Number Generator?

Before you go on to answer this question, we will briefly look at the random number generator. This is relevant because it answers the question of how slot machines and other casino games work. Most reputable casinos like FanDuel Casino use a random number generator for their games. This software ensures that there is no cheating. So winnings are picked randomly, so the player has a fair winning chance. 

Some people don’t believe this works because they are looking for proof. Well, it’s been proven over time as there have been winners from online slots. In fact, this RNG is one of the requirements for online casinos to operate. They don’t have any way to cheat the RNG and they can’t manipulate it. If such happens the regulators who issue their licenses will immediately penalize the casino.

So how does the RNG work? We’ve established it is a software. What this random number generator does is generate numbers randomly. It ensures fair play at casinos.

What You Should Know About Online Slots

Online gambling is a very profitable industry, generating billions of dollars over the years. As more people continue to play online, the industry records more growth. If you’ve decided to play the popular slots machine online, here are some take-home points:

Only Play at Legal Casinos

Some online casinos are not legal in some countries. In these cases, they will usually restrict players. However, it will be best if you only invest your money in the legal ones, like FanDuel Casino for instance, which is available in the United States.

Despite the complex laws on gambling in the state, some states have no restrictions. The reason you should play only at these casinos is trust. With legal casinos, you can be sure that they use the random number generator. Also, there won’t be any issues with payment. 

Slot Games Are Not Always Profitable

Another thing you should know is that slots may be easy, but not necessarily profitable. Some people will tell you otherwise but some casinos find a way to cheat. This is because they know that slot machines don’t really give an edge. That’s why it’s good to stick to only reputable online casinos.

Some online casinos make illegal copies of slot games. They can do this using stolen software, so it’s impossible to trust such games. At FanDuel Casino, there’s no such activity; instead, they offer provable fair games. Even with fair slots, you can expect to get decent winnings. Winnings are not always frequent and big winnings are rare.

Slot Machines Differ

There are thousands of online slot machines. However, some pay more than others. Also, there are low, medium and high volatile games – all of which determine the payout. If you’re looking for big winnings, your best bet will be jackpots.

Some slot machine games are more volatile than others. They may pay larger jackpots but it takes longer to get to those jackpots. Progressive jackpots usually pay more and that’s if you’re lucky to win the jackpot. The payout is taken from a pot which is a small percentage of money from the games played online.

Then another thing that differs is the return to player (RTP). If the casino’s edge is 10%, the player gets a 90% RTP. Even though 90% returns look like a lot, it still means that the gaming balance declines by 10% in the game.

So in a jackpot, if there are big winnings, the number of winners will become very few. This is because the jackpots paid are still part of the 90% RTP. Online slots are usually designed to balance themselves. So eventually the prizes and wagers will be balanced.

Frequent Gambling Won’t Bring Big Winnings 

One of the misconceptions people have is that playing frequently will give big winnings. I'm afraid that's not right and worse still, you’ll be going beyond your bankroll. Gambling every day is not advisable and is strongly discouraged. Nobody has money to play with every day and that’s certainly not the strategy professional gamblers use.

The point is that playing slots should be fun, which is why most people do it. Besides, you can’t beat the mechanics of the slot machine. Instead, it is designed to make you lose when you play longer. It would be best if you had a winning strategy instead of spending more time on slot machines. Some jackpot winners did not spend time on the game before they won the prize. There have been winners who won at their very first attempt.

Online Slots Are Addictive

As we already mentioned, slots are very entertaining. As a result, playing online slots can become very addictive. When you play online slots, you should have a bankroll. It will be your gambling budget so you don’t exceed it. It’s the reason why most people don’t win and end up losing even the little they get. If you keep pressing the spin button and are not leaving, it’s normal. Many people find themselves in this position even when they aren't gambling addicts.

Online slot machines are like the brick-and-mortar version. While it would be easier to leave the casino and go home. However, for online slots, you have your phone or PC with you. It will be tempting to keep playing all day long.

The System Can Make it Difficult to Get Your Money

One of the things you should know about slots is that it’s all about luck. Since the winning combinations are picked randomly, you can’t tell when you will win. Also, the casino is out to make money, so they won’t make it easy.

Some casinos will drag or delay payments intentionally. They do this hoping that the player cancels their withdrawal request. This is not the common practice for reputable casinos. If there is any delay at all, it could probably be as a result of the banking method used.

Play Online Casino Slots At FanDuel Casino To Win Real Money 

So, now that you understand how slots work, you can go ahead to start playing these games at FanDuel Casino. We hope this article has answered, “Can you win money at online slots?" The truth is there are many people around the world winning slot games. The RNG controls the game, so there’s no need to worry as the games are fair. 

While most have lost their money on slots, many are still winners. Hence, you need to make sure you gamble responsibly to avoid losing your money. Better still, like many others, you should play for fun. This way, you don’t have too many expectations and won’t be affected by your loss.

With that said, you can sign up with FanDuel Casino today. Here you will find thousands of online slots including jackpots. The casino offers high-quality games from leading developers.  You can try your chance at the slot machines and just maybe, you may be lucky and win real money playing slots.